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  1. I hope this helps me grow because my sins are overwhelming to the point of not caring I also don\'t see the point in all this talk online because it is so impersonal but if you want to justify your efforts when this world is going straight to hell in a hand basket then be my guest

  2. Hi Alfred,

    I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. Sin does that too us, and makes us carry a burden of guilt that is difficult to shake off. And sometimes in our efforts to say nice Christian words of encouragement we trivialize the issue to further frustrate the person suffering from guilt.

    The problem is that in an online forum such as this, the only communication we have is 'words' and that can be woefully inadequate when you really need the presence of a friend to share with face-to-face.

    However, words can be useful in building relationships with God and one another, if we choose to let them. Here is a little illustration:

    Many years ago I fell in love with a young lady on a college campus. We saw one another every day and had a great romance. Finally we became engaged. Shortly after that decision was made, the young lady was sent to New Zealand to teach in a school while I remained in Australia to continue my studies. We were to be separated for 12 months. Those were the days when plane tickets cost a lot of money, and overseas telephone calls were something that you booked and cost more than a student could easily put together. The only practical means of communication was by writing letters. 12 months of separation led to us each accumulating a tightly packed shoe-box full of letters.

    It was hard keeping the relationship going by words alone. And when we got back together again, 7 days before we got married, there was a lot of catching up to do, but for us, committed to one another, we used 'words' to build our relationship during that period of separation, because that was the only way we could do it.

    I know that the discussion on this blog can sometimes appear frustratingly impersonal, and at times even divisive. That is the nature of blogs. However, if you listen carefully I hope you will find the encouragement that we all need in building our relationship with Jesus.


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