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  1. Are we in today's Church being influenced by men instead of the doctrines taught by God's word?
    We have 2 extremes in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. One is Salvation through Works the other...anything goes. Both these false doctrines will not save us. If we trust our Salvation is through our faith in Christ; that same faith should compel us to trust that Christ through His Word and Spirit will transform us to saving obedience. Not from the will of the weak flesh but by the WILL of the SPIRIT!

    • It is a bit more complex than that Laura. We have a whole spectrum of ideas and indeed lifestyles. Then we have the "watchers"! They are the ones that assert they are right and cast aspersions on anyone who is different. Perhaps we need to concentrate a little more on our own salvation rather than trying to judge everything else.

      How many times to we say, "They should be doing this ..." or "What the church should be doing is than ...". The third person pronoun, "They" directive should be replaced with the first person pronoun "I should be ...". our position in the spectrum of believers is not as important as our position in relationship to Jesus.

      • We have no part whatsoever in the plan of salvation other than submition to our Saviour only He is able to keep us from falling and present us faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.

  2. Of course God wants us to care above all about what we can do on a personal level to find and fulfill His purpose, but that doesn't need to conflict with concerns about God's church, which, in reality, is us. The guiding principle has to be God's overwhelming love not only for us as individuals but for the fellowship of believers as well. The more we focus on Jesus, the closer we come together in fulfilling His ideal for us as a people dedicated to God.


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