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  1. A fair bit of our conception of "the everlasting Gospel" is associated with the future. It usually goes something like this: If we accept Jesus as our personal saviour then we will not face the judgment as sinners and will end up living forever in perfect harmony with Jesus and one another. And sometimes we get a bit frustrated because Jesus has not come and we are not living in heaven yet.

    When I get that frustrated feeling, I like to go back and read the Gospels just to remind myself what the Gospel is all about. First of all, everlasting does not mean just a future lasting forever. I prefer to think of it rather as timeless. In physics, we do a lot of work showing how properties or phenomena change with time. We plot the property against a time base and then try and work out the relationship. But there are lots of other ways of relating phenomena together that are not based on time. For instance, the gravitational pull between two masses can be plotted against their distance apart. The phenomenon has nothing to do with time. One could say that it is "everlasting".

    I think that the Gospel is timeless and that the only thing that changes with time is our understanding of it.

    The next thing we need to understand is what we really mean by the Gospel. If the Gospel is timeless, then it applies just as much to the present as to the future. And if we read the Gospels, we find that Jesus spends a lot of time talking about the present. In the Kindom parables, what is the treasure hidden in the field, the pearl of great price, the lost coin, and so on? Are they just the discovery that there is eternal life in the future? I submit that these all point to a very practical Gospel in the present.

    And that comes back to the premise that I stated at the beginning of this lesson series. If we live the believable now (the practical Gospel) then we will be believed when we talk about the unbelievable (future).

    By this shall all men know ...

  2. The gospel is simple; it summarizes the Love of God for us through the example of Jesus Christ! Those who accept this Love are free to be called children of God again and, by choice, be saved, transformed, and may live eternally with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That's it. Everything else is a detail of knowledge, which can be helpful for growth in grace, but not more prominent than the essence, LOVE!

  3. It is called the everlasting Gospel because it talks about the everlasting reward that believers have/will be given at the coming of Jesus. It is the everlasting Gospel because of what Christ accomplished for us from the beginning and forever. The focus is on Jesus who reigns forever.

  4. Thank you, Maurice Ashton, you are always so full of spiritual and practical insight! I like to start my day by thanking God, The Father, for being who He is: Creator of the universe, the galaxies and especially the galaxy that has our earth as part of it. Then I thank Him for creating life in this planet (Plants, animals, and humans.) Then I thank Him for making humans in His Image. Then I thank Him for sending His Son to become a human and spilling His blood for all the sin of humanity past, present and future. Then I thank Him for His Son then taking back His life and now sits at His right hand to give us spiritual help via His Holy Spirit to live for Him and to be a blessing to others and also help them to also learn to live for Him and via His Holy Spirit too. This is the "Everlasting and Eternal Gospel" for the present for me. The Hour of God's judgement was when He allowed Jesus His Son to spill His blood at Calvary for all sin and will come to its end when He judges spiritual Babylon with the seven last plagues that are still future.

  5. I would like to share a statement from Alistair Begg from his book Truth for Life."

    At this point in history, there’s a wonderful opportunity for the church to be the church. Christ has already won the battle for us. There is no need for His people to be marginalized by worldly “giants” who taunt and intimidate, deterring us from sharing the message of Jesus’ triumph over sin and death. Jesus has won, and there is nothing in this world to be afraid of. The gospel is worthy of our courage and, as the hymn writer reminds us, Christ Himself is guiding us: “Stand up, stand up for Jesus! … From victory unto victory His army shall He lead.”[1] It is time for you and me—who, by placing our faith in Him, have already enlisted in His army—to get off the sidelines, to charge down the hill, and to proclaim the victory that is Christ’s.

  6. If what you are saying is true, which by the way I believe it is, then Hebrews 7:25, has a lot of meaning, and full of message of the Everlasting Gospel. Of course the text hints, to the full context of the message, if your brain pulls in other text to get the full message. Such as Jesus saves those that turn to Him. Psalms elaborates on that. "You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore."
    Psalms 16:11 NKJV. Good news.

    Another text of Jesus Saves that comes to mind, goes something like this. I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me. That's not all of the message, because I Trust in Christ. For Christ is my everlasting strengh. Since He is our everlasting strength, He saves us if we let Him.
    Isiah 26:3-4 NKJV. Also good news.

    Begining with the New Testement,Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is a good start with the good news of the everlasting gospel. I appreciate your explanation of everlasting gospel. By faith through the grace of God we will beable to participate in the everlasting Gospel now and forevermore.

  7. Amen, John Hershcher, for Hebrews 7:25. Then Hebrews goes on to Heberews 10:19,20 This has been there even before 1844 to enter "The Holiest" by the blood of Jesus. And I will take it farther because even the Apostle Paul took it farther when he also said that we are of Jesus' "Blood and Bones, and to let Jesus mind be ours too," so I say that it is at the Heaven of Heavens and by faith because Jesus has been there even before 1844 for us to allow Jesus to be our flesh, blood, bones and mind now!

  8. The gospel is called everlasting because it is founded in God's character, that is, love. The gospel is love everlasting. Good news indeed!


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