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Sabbath: Esther and Mordecai — 7 Comments

  1. God has given us as a light to the nations. This implies that the nations are in darkness and need to be lit with the gospel flames. Esther and Mordecai are in captivity but professing the light of the God they know.

    What I learn is that God has placed us where we are to be a light to the people around us. Brighten the corner where you are despite the situation, not even captivity. Many of us put our challenges before God than putting God before our challenges. Be a light where you are.

  2. God indeed can use those whom we think are 'lesser beings' to rescue His people .God bless us this week as we look deeply at Esher and Mordecai in relation to God's mission.

  3. I find the statement in today’s lesson: “In its own unique way, this story shows how God’s people, even in foreign environments, can witness for truth”, interesting. It speaks to the universality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ being based on faith from the Beginning.

    Yes, indeed, the children of Israel heard it first, but then it spread onward to the ends of the earth - Salvation is given to all mankind. The God who introduced Himself to Israel's children first as the God of all the earth, proclaiming there are no other gods beside Him, has today the same message - to let all mankind know that He offers to them salvation – Isa.49:6.

  4. The history of Mordecai and Esther remind me of God’s perfect providence. Not understanding why there were early childhood losses, or able to control the hatred and opposition that came, God was ever present guiding and protecting. It tells me so much about the love and care Jesus has shown to His people over time. It tells me how engaged He is with us even now, even every single moment of our lives.

    It gives me hope that He will use us all in His work. He has a place for everyone who responds to and accepts His love. Every place He assigns is an important place.

  5. Perhaps any opportunity or apparent advantage you have been granted or obtained can be used for the good of others. God has a plan for your mission and mine here on this planet. How can we give back in the form of good deeds?

  6. well I'm new commenting but I would like my apreciation, that aour Lord prepares our hearts and lives and we are ready He gives us a mission and it is to be a light where we are, not only at the church but also where we are the six days of the week, God knows our potential and he wants tu use our style of life in order to atrack attetion to people who are suffering because the live without purpose and they don't have hope!


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