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  1. Most of us are not going to be part an event where revealing our Christianity will change the course of history. We do not live in the precincts of the captains and the kings. Many of us simply have a few friends and acquaintances who we interact with daily. That does not mean that our witness is any less important and very often it is the little things we say and do that trigger a series of life-changing decisions.

    Ellen White wrote the book, "Desire of Ages, here in Cooranbong in the 1890s, but around the district, she was known for her compassion for the poor and needy. A loaf of fresh bread, a pot of soup, a compassionate word at the right time. There are families in this area who can trace their first connection with Adventism back to a compassionate visit from Ellen White.

    Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. James 1:27 KJV

    Those of us who do not mix with the captains and the kings still have a work to do among the people within our horizon.

    And Just in time for the holiday season here is a slide show of birds I have photographed in November. It features a beautiful Powerful Owl, and a very nice Willie Wagtail courtship. Enjoy:

    November 2023 Bird Photographs

    • It's amazing the details your camera captures. While ir would be wonderful to see these birds in person, I know we would never
      see them as detailed as this. Thank you for continuing to share them with us. Also thank you for all the insights you offer in
      your contributions on SS.net. You frequently cause me to see things more clearly.

  2. The important message here is that once you realize what the Gospel is all about, you want to share it! No matter if you're a man or woman, young or old. Develop this friendship with the owner of the Universe, and you'll see. You will find yourself in a position nobody could be in and witness this incredible LOVE!

  3. I do believe that the Esther/Mordecai story shows that God has the whole world in His hands, not just the Isrealites, but also the Babylonians, the Medo-Persians, and in this story the capital of Persia, Shushan.

    God set His people close to unbelievers for them to be light to their neighbors. They failed Him miserably, so He put them right in the midst of those who worshiped other gods, to see if trials would put a spark in them, letting their light shine without the bushel over their heads.

    This story fits into God's mission, our mission. Let us let our light shine, wherever we are. Even if God puts us where our faith in God is tested, or if you prefer proved. Judges 3:1. Esther and Mordecai certainly did not hide their light under a bushel. We can also be a light if we don't reject the drawing of a loving God, who seeks us, as found between the covers of the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. God sees, in man, defiled and ruined by sin, the possibilities of redemption. Sending His only Son to be a propitiation for our sins is evidence of Him seeing hope for us.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful photos Maurice. Hope you have a blessed holiday season. Thanks also for leading out on ssnet. It has been a great blessing to me.

  5. Yes, God works in mysterious ways! It is abundantly clear to me that He has worked on behalf of His children in the case of Mordecai, Esther and their people during their time of captivity in this foreign land. Is it necessary to know ‘Esther’s exact role in the court of the king’ or how she came to be the queen? What purpose would this serve – faith or arrogant nitpicking?

    If we believe that our Christian Faith was gifted to us by our heavenly Father, we do not look the ‘gift-horse’ in its mouth attempting to discover hidden agendas or misfeasance; we heartily embrace our faith! When asking the question: “who knoweth whether though art come to the kingdom for such a time as this” in the affirmative, simply believing should suffice and settle the matter - Isaiah 10:14-16.

    Yes, trying times will accompany all who serve our Lord and Savior. Will we stand true to the Word of God, our faith, or do we falter because we have not received His Word and believed it with all our heart?
    Though we have ample examples from the past, I cannot imagine the cunningly devised cruelty against faithful followers of our God Supreme in the last days, but I trust that He is faithful and victorious to find for us the way leading home!


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