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  1. I have a story like that one.I joined a new school in form three.Being a boarding school we lived as brothers and sisters and most of the students liked to praise God.However,we came from different dominions.

    I now came to join one of my early friends in that school who I decided to share with him a piece of information touching prophecy.

    During the entire term it became challenging to agree with him on Revelation and other facts.When it came to the matter touching our dominions although we were all Christians,he used to get annoyed but I never gave up.

    I kept praying for God to help the man and try to reveal something concerning which church should join.

    Joining form four,I came to school with two different versions of "The National Sunday Law".I asked him to have a look on them but refused.I had a deskmate who was a new comer that year.He was from Catholic Church but borrowed me the book to have a look.

    After a day he agreed with the facts that the book touched and asked my first friend(Dominic) to read the book. Dominic was never willing to do so but asked me to pray to God for him to know the fact.

    One day I came jokingly to him asking questions about his church and answered that he is now a Seventh-day Adventist believer. It took me time to think how has it came about.

    It was nearly closing of term two when he came to believe on the light of God. So he asked me questions concerning Adventism, and I advised him. Being closer to camp meetings I also advised him to get baptized and agreed but was once baptized in his former church.

    Opening term three he was happy and completely new reformed. He told me that he was baptized and nothing can change him from Adventist. His mission is now to change his family to join the Adventist church. That is how my mission to change Dominic ended.

    Now he is asking advise on how to make his family believe on Adventist. Please help me.


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