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Sabbath: Your Mercy Reaches Unto the Heavens — 3 Comments

  1. In my reading for today's lesson I enjoyed Eugene Peterson's rendition of Psalm 51. So, I am quoting it this morning and letting the prayer speak for itself:

    Generous in love—God, give grace!
    Huge in mercy—wipe out my bad record.
    Scrub away my guilt,
    soak out my sins in your laundry.
    I know how bad I’ve been;
    my sins are staring me down.

    You’re the One I’ve violated, and you’ve seen
    it all, seen the full extent of my evil.
    You have all the facts before you;
    whatever you decide about me is fair.
    I’ve been out of step with you for a long time,
    in the wrong since before I was born.
    What you’re after is truth from the inside out.
    Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.

    Soak me in your laundry and I’ll come out clean,
    scrub me and I’ll have a snow-white life.
    Tune me in to foot-tapping songs,
    set these once-broken bones to dancing.
    Don’t look too close for blemishes,
    give me a clean bill of health.
    God, make a fresh start in me,
    shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.
    Don’t throw me out with the trash,
    or fail to breathe holiness in me.
    Bring me back from gray exile,
    put a fresh wind in my sails!
    Give me a job teaching rebels your ways
    so the lost can find their way home.
    Commute my death sentence, God, my salvation God,
    and I’ll sing anthems to your life-giving ways.
    Unbutton my lips, dear God;
    I’ll let loose with your praise.

    Going through the motions doesn’t please you,
    a flawless performance is nothing to you.
    I learned God-worship
    when my pride was shattered.
    Heart-shattered lives ready for love
    don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.

    Make Zion the place you delight in,
    repair Jerusalem’s broken-down walls.
    Then you’ll get real worship from us,
    acts of worship small and large,
    Including all the bulls
    they can heave onto your altar! Ps 51 MSG

  2. I am trying to put myself into the shoes of the people of Israel living at the time when God Almighty was still introducing Himself to them. The psalmists’ inspired words reach out and bless all still discovering who their God is and how they can relate to Him. And now I am looking all around my country and ask myself: “What has changed?”

    Has man really come closer to God? Governments might have become better organized in their ‘civil’ conduct with each other; establishing governments capable of being administered by and for the people, but has the knowledge of God increased in the heart and mind of man? Why is it so difficult to find leaders who desire, speak to and reflect the values of the God in their lives? Why do so many indulge themselves in iniquity?

    Are we now better off then Israel when it learned to embrace their God, leaving their old customs behind? Are we not now moving farther and farther away from God the more ‘self-sufficient’ we become? Are the peoples of the world begin to trivialize sin and sinning? God’s Mercy has come down to earth to fill man with His Spirit – may we never forget this!

    Psalm 123:1-4
    ”Unto You I lift up my eyes, O You who dwell in the heavens.
    Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters, as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the LORD our God, until He has mercy on us.
    Have mercy on us, O LORD, have mercy on us! For we are exceedingly filled with contempt.
    Our soul is exceedingly filled with the scorn of those who are at ease, with the contempt of the proud.”

  3. This chapter for is a reflection of my individual miss steps , a lack of regard for others , self satisfaction not considering the hurt to others , the psalms bring me,us back to who is in control and were our focus should be placed his mercy , his grace ,his goodness ,his compassion , willing that none should perish ...
    For his mercy endure forever.


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