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  1. Most of you know that I am an academic. For most of my life I have been a student, enrolled in various learning institutions, gaining qualifications. If I were to write my name out followed by my qualifications, as I used to do in academic publications, it would take up a couple of lines. I really enjoyed learning. The qualifications were necessary because I needed them for my career but that is not why I studied. If I had not enjoyed studying I would've chosen a different career.

    I know some people who studied because they had to. They were doing it because their career demanded it, not because they loved it. It was an imposition on their time.

    The author asks the question:

    How can God’s Word become the source of one’s delight and not merely instruction?

    It is a good question and I am not sure that the suggested verses give a nice neat answer. Abiding in Christ as the branch is to the vine is certainly important, but I do not discount the importance of shared experiences with other Christians. If I can use the academic life example again: My enjoyment of study is at least partially dependent, not only on the books and papers that I studied, but the interactions I had with people. The people who are my friends are academics and it was in the fertile ground of interaction with one another that new ideas were developed and tested and enjoyed.

    It is important to remember that abiding in Christ should also involve our interaction with others. We are not the only branch on the vine and it is the shared experiences with one another that should reveal Jesus to us, and by inference Jesus in us. That is what makes the "Word" a delight and not merely instruction.

    "By this shall all men know..."

    A little bit of Sabbath viewing: Boys' Walk - Avondale University

    • Thank you Maurice. Looks like a place I would love to be. My husband and I frequently take nature walks. I love it. Thank you for always sharing.

    • Thank you for the beautiful walk. I am a visual person and was wondering what this Boy's Walk was like that you have spoken of. So peaceful. I would love to visit there someday. I appreciate your love of academics. I also love to learn but have not been so good about pursuing the opportunities. Going on 60 y.o... it's never too late, is it?

    • Oh how I miss leisurely strolls through quiet woods!!! The 'Boy's Walk' in your 'neigborhood' provides a little sanctuary for the old and young from the hussle and bussle of campus life - wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us! 🙂

  2. God has granted me happiness. I have no control over things around me, but my constant drive for His wisdom has paid off. I don't want to brag about it, but I want to admit that He has been too good and faithful to me, even though I don't deserve it!

  3. What happens when people consciously and constantly reject God’s teaching (Psalms 81:1-16, Psalms 95:1-11)? Why do you think that happens?

    After reading the texts, I do believe the texts speak for them selves. Let me add that when we step away from the happiness and joy that is found in following through with our belief in Jesus Christ and wander after the world, we have temporary happiness. Now when we consent for Christ to lead us into the fold of His righteousness we have everlasting joy and beam with His sunshine. Being our desire, How can we make a joyful noise unto the Lord?
    Psalm 37:4

  4. Sometimes we confuse wisdom with education, but if we stop to reflect we have met some questionable so-called “educated people.”
    Wisdom whether in the secular sphere or in Godly circles is the ability to apply the knowledge learnt.

  5. How do the wicked get their prosperity, is it from GOD or satan? This answers how we should then respond in dealing with that apparent issue! Desiring to obtain like them is a sin called covetousness! We know nothing about how they came about their prosperity! We should only understand and know that GOD PROVIDES!

  6. How wonderful it is when we hear God's Truth spoken by fellow believers! This quarterly’s lesson writer's inspired words resonates with the spirit within so beautifully, that it is a joy to read her comments! Today she included Ellen G. White’s quote. It contains wisdom which God reveals to man regarding our relationship.

    Ellen White invites us to contemplate:
    “The Son of God leaving His Father’s throne, clothing His divinity with humanity, that He might rescue man from the power of Satan; His triumph in our behalf - opening heaven to men -, revealing to human vision the presence chamber where the Deity unveils His glory: the fallen race uplifted from the pit of ruin into which sin had plunged it, and brought again into connection with the infinite God, …”

    ‘God’s Glory is unveiled in the presence chamber’ – in the 'here and now'. These words reveal the depth and breadth which God’s Wisdom, Grace, and Mercy are set to accomplish in man’s life. By opening heaven to mankind, man is uplifted, enabled to again enjoy the connection with the infinite God! His Son Christ Jesus established this connection for us.

    I hold that God’s Wisdom is always practical; it cannot be any other way! Maurice noted in his comment that: “It is important to remember that abiding in Christ should also involve our interaction with others.”
    I want to state unequivocally that ‘abiding in Christ’ is synonymous with ‘loving our fellow man’! Through loving our heavenly Father with all our heart, we are interacting/involved with others – Matt.22:37-39; 1Cor.13:2.


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