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  1. At this time of the year I tease my aging friends with the reminder that 10% of 2024 has already been written into the history books. The worry is that for those of us who are my age, that is also a fair bit of the rest of our lives. Numbering our days is a sober reminder that we only get a few of them. That does not mean that we should be morbid about it. It is a bit like eating your favourite meal. You wish there was more of it, but when you are finished, you feel satisfied.

    "Teach us to number our days" is an invitation to use a finite resource wisely. And, there is a lot more to our spiritual lives than quoting religious platitudes to one another.

    Now it is a bright clear Sabbath morning and I am going out for a couple of hours of bird photography in the bush before I go to church. I think that is a good way to spend 8% of the Sabbath.

  2. In the psalms the author posses a question how can a young man cleanse his way? Actually being young and full of self is tough for the young it's only by submitting to the will of God can one be at ease. This wisdom is in scripture and prayer 🙏

  3. “Teach us to number our days” indicates that a sense of time is something to be learned and not innate. I’ve noticed that I have a similar instinct as some animals when it comes to circadian rhythms, for example waking up before my alarm clock goes off. However, when it comes to seeing my life in terms of eternity and allowing that heavenly reality to shape the choices I make, and the reactions I have, that is not instinctual.

    The world says “whip up some inner courage to ‘carpe diem, seize the day’ ”. God says, “I made you in My image, and I redeemed you. Seize Me; I am the Truth that the meaning of your life is already secure.”

    God is trying to teach me to shift my eyes upward from my immediate circumstances to His gentle presence and example, showing me how He has purposefully placed me here in this place , with these people, for a certain number of days that only He knows, in this current season . There’s to be a purpose to my days, and simply going through the motions to meet the needs of this current life isn’t the extent of it. Jesus always blended practical religion… Feeding the hungry, healing the sick, conversations… with the greater purpose to bring the kingdom of Heaven to men , to remove sins and guilt, and to glorify His Heavenly Father.

    I pray “ help me to use my time wisely today for the work that You have given me to do, exuding a peace from You living in my heart and mind and doing things that honor You and draw people around me into Your presence. Help me to marry the mundane tasks of life and my finite time on planet Earth with your eternal timeline and your eternal dream to draw all people to You.”

  4. So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

    The result of knowing my days are limited, makes me aware how frail my life really is, and how dependent I am on Jesus to redeem me from this life that is sure to end one day. To be taught by God can lead from a life that ends to a life that never ends. All because of God’s marvelous grace. Proverbs 4, james 1:5, John 3:16.

  5. Yesterday, in class, we talked about this subject. (Funny because I did not know what was coming next; that's why it's not by chance that we get into this reasoning now). After all, we have a single purpose for living: eternity! Can we help this mysterious Force that keeps us alive for this purpose?

  6. Without eternity in our minds, this life that we are living is likened to those of animals which die and no hope of resurrection. This hope of resurrection ad eternity will drive us to proclaim, "teach us to number our days so that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom"

    • Welcome to the conversation Daniel. Salvation has a whole lot more to do with the present than we like to give credit for. It is not all just eternity and everlasting life, but a fulfilled and fruitful life now. When we read the Gospels we find Jesus talking about living a meaningful life now as much or more than about future eternal life.

  7. Jesus said, I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly. He will be with us every moment of the day, if we ask him to, and he cares about even the little things - because to him, as the creator, everything is little.


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