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  1. It is easy to get lost in a sort of metalinguistic maze when talking about God in history. We wrap ourselves in semantics and try to get others to see that our way of describing God in history is a more spiritual, erudite expression than someone else. The same can be said about our arguments for Christianity, or Seventh-day Adventism. If often comes down to the notion that we have a better-reasoned, more logical argument than everyone else. We sometimes like to downplay our part in all of this by saying that it is the "work of the Holy Spirit".

    I like what William Earnhardt has to say in his thought piece for this week Learning from Each Other. Our interactions past and present are tangible evidence of God among us and provide a fertile ground for spiritual growth.

    We are not monks in cloisters, seeking God in solitude but rather part of a larger interactive community. I like to think back on my interactions with fellow Christians and reflect on how they changed my thinking. One of the things that stands out is that the people who affected my spiritual growth the most often said very little to me about what I should and should not believe. They spent time with me. They thought I was important enough to be my friend. They disagreed kindly, and they stayed with me when I was an arrogant pratt.

    And I like to compare that with the way I interact with the secular people in my life and contemplate how much influence I have had on them.

    ... and for a bit of Sabbath viewing you might like to watch Silver Gulls. It's not very long but I think the gulls are stars.

  2. Remembering God’s leading in the past can help us to trust Him more with our future. Ignoring or forgetting His leading can cause us to face the same or worse consequences than those who suffered the same before us.


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