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  1. The Zionist movement was most active in the first half of the twentieth century. It's main aim was to establish a homeland in Palestine for the modern Jewish nation. Ultimately in 1948 this came to fruition and Zionist hopes were realized. The nation-state of Israel was established.

    It is interesting to read the political history of this movement and it is also informative to look at the way many churches in the United States have largely supported this movement. One cannot help noting that the current Middle East conflict has its roots established in notion that Zion is a physical realisation of the Zion prophecies.

    This is not the forum for discussing the politics or even the theology of such views, despite so many Christians having very strong views on the topic. But I want to bring your attention to the fact that this physical view of prophecy has lead to nothing but conflict and destruction.

    We defend our own view - that Zion represents Heaven and the New Earth where God dwells as being a spiritual fulfilment of the prophecies and we look forward to them with hope. It is my premise that if that is the only fulfilment we look forward to then it is not much different to the Zionist movement.

    The Kingdom of God has never been limited to a place and time. I don't deny a fulfilment in a real Heaven and New Earth but the Kingdom of God has to be established in our hearts. That is much more than a future fulfilment. If we had understood the importance of the spiritual fulfilment of establishing the Kingdom of God in our hearts we would not be having the conflict we see today.

    God wants to establish a relationship with us now - that extends into the future, but has a present fulfullment. Prophecy has two components: foretelling and forth-telling. We often concentrate on the first one. claiming we are the church that understands the foretelling. And, sometimes we forget the forth-telling. That's the bit about sharing the love of Jesus now.

    By this shall all men know ...

  2. The Power of God's Words! Words are only words, but when they come from a heavenly inspired source providing wisdom and knowledge, conveying proper perspective and understanding of the Glory of God, then they become the bread and water to the hungry and thirsty living soul. This is the LORD speaking to His chosen people by His prophet Isaiah!

    God’s Truth never changes! Today, these same words feed the longing souls of all who believe. Though I recognized several passages, I only read for the first time God's recorded words spoken through Isaiah in their entirety today. As I was reading, I noticed how my self-perception adjusted, becoming more humble as my understanding of my heavenly Father’s Grandeur increased.

    Do we really adequately reflect, understand and emotionally respond to the grandeur of our God’s power and might? Is man capable of fully reflecting the awesomeness of His Presence in our lives? Matt.22:37-40 comes to mind when considering the only fitting response to the revelation of our God to man.

    Loving our God with all our heart and so expressing love to our fellow man is what we are told to be the right response. Is more needed than what has already been revealed? No!
    All our God calls us for is for us to intimately know who He is! Trhough knowing Him we become part of His family. He is our Creator, our Lord and Savior, our God – it is He desiring His children to inherit the new earth. John 14:19-21; 1John 4:13.

  3. What are we longing for? To be with God. Is being with God our hearts desire ? Guess what, we can be with Him even in our assembly in church, and in fellowship congregations, even this day and age. We can be with Him today right in our home. No one has taken away our Bibles or Bible apps, not even our Sabbath School apps, or youtube discussions on the lessons. It is our desire to be with the Lord. Let’s take advantage with what we have today, that puts us in Zion right where we stand. Let’s stand in church, prayer meeting, vespers, home worship hour, and in private devotion with God in Zion. I am supported all over the Psalms, but my favorite is Psalm 16:8 and Psalm 23:6. I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever, and not be moved, by His power I shall sustain.
    Happy Sabbath.


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