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  1. Psalm 46 is one of those great Psalms that has been the inspiration for several hymns. As a student in a secular high school back when starting the day with a Christian assembly was the norm, we used to sing "O God our help in ages past" with regularity. Some of the boys paraphrased it a bit referring to the teachers and their use of corporal punishment but the hymn was sung and the psalm was read enough times for us to appreciate both its literary style and its intent. It is interesting how some psalms seem to capture even the secular mind with a sense of the presence of someone or something outside of ourselves that is endurable and comforting.

    We have been across Bass Strait - the stretch of water between the Australian mainland and Tasmania - a number of times. It can be pretty rough. It is like a funnel between the Tasman Sea and the Antarctic Ocean. All of our trips have been done at night. It is very hard to sleep when the ship is moving erratically and continually. Furthermore, a ship in a rough sea is noisy, making sounds that you cannot easily explain. All the things around you that appear to be solid are moving. And then you get nausea as sea-sickness hits you. It comes as a great relief to go up on deck and even in the darkness you can see the horizon - a solid immovable line. I remember seeing the light beacon at the entrance to Devonport Harbour shining way off in the distance, rock solid. And all the time the ship is tossing and yawing its way though an oily dark sea.

    God is our horizon and the Holy Spirit is our beacon in our spiritual rough sea.

  2. Psalms 46:1-11 gives us a picture of a secure Church amidst the world's convulsions. Characterised by conditions/state of extreme confusion, or commotion. Very turbulent scenarios. Never at peace or settled. Ravaged by wars, natural disasters and even manmade disasters due to men's recklessness and negligence (Global warming, veld fires, criminal activities, etc.)
    It is in these tumultuous condition that we find the church of God peaceable and quiet (Psa 46:4), not that she is not touched by all these troubles, but because God is in her (Psa 46:5.) One incident in History give us proof of God protecting His inheritance. Isaiah 36:1 informs us that all the citities of Judah fell into Sennacherib's conquest, except Jerusalem "the City of God " (Psa 46:4).

    The Adventist Church of late has seen a lot of rebellious groups leaving the Church but I can assure every true Adventist, the Church will not fall. On an individual level, no matter how boisterous the storms of life are around us, "in Christ Jesus" we are safe and secured.

    (My input in today's last discussion question)

    • "The Adventist Church of late has seen a lot of rebellious groups leaving the Church but I can assure every true Adventist, the Church will not fall. On an individual level, no matter how boisterous the storms of life are around us, 'in Christ Jesus' we are safe and secured." To this,I say amen,hallelujah.

  3. Until we leave this planet for good, the only assurance we can have is that we are destined for eternity. Why? Because if we did not have the choice to be born, we now have a choice to live eternally. How? By faith, we have Someone who died for all our transgressions and gave His life to us. As simple as this. Safety and peace in Zion can be found exclusively in Jesus.

      • Hi Kenny, God thought of us before the fall. He is the One Who gave us the option to be restored to eternity; without the blood of Jesus, we would be damned and destined to death. But because of the Son's sacrifice, we gained freedom of choice again...

  4. "Every Command of God IS A PROMISE." And God "Commands" us to not be anxious over anything, Pilippians 4:6, and then goes on to "Command" us to be grateful as we pray to Him with all of our concerns etc., and then goes on to "Promise" us His Peace that cannot be explained but definitely experienced: A peace that passes all comprehension but is very, very, real. And we do not need drugs or alcohol to help us get it! Just do what it says to do in verse 6 of Philippians 4:6. But then, if we will "maintain" this Awesome and Precious Peace, we then need to go on and do, with His help, what He commands us to do in verse 8, and again, without the use of drugs or alcohol, or Meds.

  5. All who believe and love God with all their heart have been made new; made to be a new creation endowed with the Holy Spirit to be the guide in all situations. Now, our life is in Christ Jesus who promised the Father will never leave or forsake us – Deut.31:6-8.
    I look at this passage as a reminder that we, being pilgrims in a 'new land' where we follow the Spirit of God, will learn to trust our God to keep us safe in all circumstances.

    I know it is not my body that will be saved; it is God’s Spirit within, creating me anew which will survive the terrible times of the last days. Our faith, which gives birth to hope, will not be disappointed because our life's true essence is safely kept hidden in Christ Jesus - Matt.10:28.

    “How do we learn to have peace and to trust God amid a world that, indeed, has so much turmoil?” We learn this through strong, unwavering faith in the Word of God made flesh. Our Lord and Savior came to man to share with him His Spirit, to enable him to humbly, gratefully love God by expressing this love toward his fellow man.

  6. Interestingly, in the past I read this psalm in the context of my personal safety and protection. My focus was not on God's church. That is the beauty of God's word, you are forever getting a new or different perspective on it.


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