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Thursday: When God Does Not Delight in Sacrifices — 4 Comments

  1. we as christians we should set ourselves fully before God in an heart.but not just pretending that we know the truth but no fruits we are bearing out

    What God wants from us is - total submission of our spirit, soul, and body to Him along with total obedience to His will. As the title of the church hymn ... "TRUST AND OBEY," so is the secret of Job and Joseph how they survived great afflictions in life.

  3. To unveil the true character of the Creator, the same Who gave us life (and the same Who provides us with this PRESENT), He offered Himself to die for humanity's transgressions. There is no more significant example of Love in the Universe. That's why He needs no more sacrifices but worship and devotion. Not because He is self-centered, but because He left the most magnificent center to die for His creatures, the Throne of everlasting power, to be humble to death, a death of shame!


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