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  1. In some areas of the Pacific, Seventh-day Adventosts were known as the "Seven Day People" in Pidgin English. I hope it is a good descriptor. True worship lasts for seven days a week. It is not just a "seventh-day" experience.

  2. In all that can be observed regarding God’s living Word, I can see, like a red thread, the working out of His Plan to reclaim man and earth as He removes the spirit of darkness. As His heavenly Light increases, earth's darkness deminishes. He continuously works to preserve life, and this delibered act is worthy to be praised by all wo love God with all their heart - Psalm 96:1-13!

    The evidence of God’s Word being restorative for man is found in man becoming aware that he has a Creator Father who loves Him and reaches out to him to give him good gifts; all His gifts promote life. The fruit of the Spirit becomes the observable evidence of God’s work in the life of those who love their God – Gal.5:22-26.

    1 Cor.13 further shows that, without first accepting the love of God, man is still tethered to this earth. No matter how hard he tries, he is unable to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth as this requires to love ones fellow man selflessly. But once rescued from the spiritual darkness of this world, we are able to live life by His Light in ‘worship that never ends’.

    Praise and worship are inseparable, practical aspects of the new life lived by faith in the living Word of God given to us by our Father in heaven. Accepting the call means that we are now able to worship Him with 'who we are' – born-again, and living our new life in Christ Jesus by faith in perpetual worship.

  3. I love that we should render our life to the savior for all his benefits towards us. I don’t take that lightly! And the best part about that is when we do that, not only are we blessed from it but that blessing is also passed to others as they see Christ living in us. And that’s the realness of a worship that never ends

  4. Worship that never ends.
    Until to our lasts breath, we should worship God, the creator of heaven and earth.
    How wonderful ❤️ Job, to let his life be a great example as christian. Even to the extreme pain, sorrows, sadness of his life he continues praising God, how I wish all people, should do the same, not only in time of comfortable but in time of trials we worship the creator God ❤️.

  5. We are alive, and the miracle of life exists to worship the Creator. There is perfection in the acceptance of God's offer of Love. We are alive to be a constant praise to Him.


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