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  1. This is very encouraging to my heart. My own grandfather, William Kuzma, read that book when he was a young man. It changed his life. A copy had been sold to his boss where he worked in a shoemakers shop. The boss never read the books so he asked if he could borrow it– the rest his history. He became the number one best seller of Adventist literature, including the great controversy in his job is a literature evangelist. He left the Catholic Church where you’ve been planning to be an alter boy. He immigrated to the United War, IIII, and he was my grandfather. And he loved to talk about Jesus, and share his faith and love for God with all he could, and he did it in a winsome and kind way. He was gentle, and he believed Jesus was coming, and he is coming very soon. All because of that book the great controversy. I’m so happy to hear it’s still there and impacting other peoples lives for eternity.


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