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  1. When I was a school kid we attended a public school where we were the only Seventh-day Adventists. I remember being scared spitless that I would run into some of my school mates on Sabbath. We were dressed up in our Sabbath clothes. We had shirts with starched collars, a tie, a suit with short pants (until I was 13), long socks and black shiny shoes that had been polished on Friday night. My mates would be out playing Footy (Rugby Union) on Saturday, while we were attending Sabbath School, Church and JMVs. We felt isolated because we looked so different to the rest on the Sabbath. Church was not something we would even think about inviting our Footy-playing friends to. We were, to be quite honest, embarrassed by our religion. For us children being a Seventh-day Adventist was at times a big burden. It stood out like a sore thumb in the week.

    I have come to love the Sabbath – that is a long story – and part of that love has developed in breaking down the walls of isolation between others and us. There are activities that I take part in that both in harmony with the spirit of Sabbath-keeping and eminently shareable with my secular friends. I am, of course, referring to my birdwatching. Watching nature is both peaceful and at the same time provides an opportunity to witness God’s creativity. My secular friends of course replace “God” with “Nature”, but even that has a creator sense beyond us.

    Now I am not saying that everyone goes birdwatching on Sabbath. But we may benefit from thinking about the shareability of our Sabbath experiences. My secular friends would not in their wildest imagination sit with me for a Bible study on the nature of the Godhead, or the Sanctuary service. But sharing in a passion for creatures that delight and inspire is something we can share for hours.

    Jesus said:

    And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath: Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath. Mark 2: 27,28 KJV

    Read the context. Jesus is redefining the Jewish view of sacredness.

    God gave us the Sabbath as a special gift and it is a gift that multiplies as we share it with others.

    And just in case you think I only watch birds here is my lastest nature video for Sabbath viewing. (By the way if you watch this video and want to ask questions about the content and techniques, leave a question in Youtube under the video. I read and answer the comments.)

  2. Thank you for those beautiful breathtaking detailed photographs; although l am totally clueless re the technical jargon and know how. In a way it reminds me a little of how we relate to GOD. We know next to nothing of the working and works of GOD in nature and in our lives but oh boy how we appreciate waking up in the morning to a fresh bounty of blessings. To be able to see, hear and breathe, move. Those of us who may be afflicted either mentally or physically have the hope of complete restoration. Thank you again for sharing with us the often unnoticed, unappreciated marvels of GOD’s creation.
    John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

  3. God's ways are much higher than mine. But as limited as I am, sometimes I stubbornly stick to my ideas and try to walk my path. God is unique and left His Word so I could see where to go. I insist on developing my theories. The Bible is clear about what pleases God, but unfortunately, I deviate and try to offer what I think is best.

    Love may be expressed differently, so God had to renew His covenant with humanity. Jesus' sacrifice did not replace but confirmed God's commandments and the Sabbath is just one of them.

  4. Today’s lesson title: “Waiting in God’s Sabbath Rest” means to me that this ‘Rest’ implies faith and trust in that God’s Plan to redeem the earth and mankind is at work in me - my life. If we truly have faith in Him, we express this through His Spirit which works in us.

    Isaiah 30:15 - ”In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength”, has become my favorite bible verse as it sheds heaven's Light on what Salvation and Rest mean. To me, it does not mean to be busy finding ways to make Sabbath meaningful; it means that, as a living soul, I am to 'rest' – to be content with believing that I am my heavenly Father’s child who is loved and guided by Him.

    All that God asks of us is to love Him with all our heart. Then He will manifest in us the mystery of our born-again nature which is 'contained' in our love for Him. As we 'rest in Him', we become an active part of His ongoing Plan of redemption of our earth and mankind.

    The fruit of His Spirit working in and through us, reaching out to those we come in contact with, produce love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control – Gal. 5:22-23. I believe these qualities is what He desires for us to express to our fellow man as He leads us to rest in His Spirit.

  5. The Sabbath! What a blessing it has been to me all through my nearly nine decades of life! Of course, my early years were all about the "don'ts. Instead of being burdensome to me, they provided a clear path which helped me to stand firmly for Jesus in one of the most wicked cities-Las Vegas. It took many years for me to understand Grace. Yet, even today I catch myself judging others. Miracles, in my case, are still needed.

    Don’t follow Satan, this terrible fiend
    He will fight for each soul until his bitter end
    He was cast out of heaven with his bag of tricks
    A spurious Sabbath. Not the first of his picks.
    A now burning hell. An immortal soul.
    Praying to Mary to make one whole.
    And billions have willingly flocked to his side
    Forgetting whose the conductor of this hellbent ride.
    “The Lord’s Day is Sunday” trumpets the Pope
    And Christians have followed in a run, not a lope
    Ignoring truth found in God’s Holy Word
    Joyfully journeying with that soon to lost herd.
    The nine commandments will keep, but that fourth “no way”
    Because didn’t Jesus arise on a Sunday?
    No, God set the day we must worship upon
    And He sealed that day by sending His Son
    Who kept the seventh day holy, each day of His life
    As did His disciples thru pain and deep strife.
    God said “I am the same yesterday, today and forever”.
    His law will endure. He wrote it with his finger
    Not on tablets of paper or in the sand
    But on stone which means they will eternally stand
    Throughout endless ages. No man’s hand can change them
    Though he’s certainly tried
    And they were not done away with on the day Jesus died.
    So. Open your Bibles. Don’t depend on another
    Not even a friend, a preacher or a brother.
    For you will stand alone before your Lord and King
    Among the lost or the eternally living.
    His Commandments, all ten, not just the remaining nine
    But the fourth said “Remember” and there is still time
    To keep the Sabbath Day holy-the last day of Creation
    He gave to all peoples and to every nation.
    To honor Him. A special time to remember and speak
    Of all the blessings He has given throughout the past week.
    Rest He has offered but most call it legalism
    But Sunday is nothing more than mere symbolism.
    It was never made holy by God or His Son
    Turn! Turn! Stop worshipping the Sun.
    For the seventh day was made holy at the birth of this earth
    And it will last through the ages when it receives its new birth.


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