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  1. The history of Christians being persecuted in the first three centuries of the Christian Era is a complex one and we need to be aware of the broad picture rather than just accepting that Christians were persecuted for their beliefs.

    The Romans were fairly tolerant of other religions and often accepted other gods into their pantheon. However their acceptance was patchy and conditional. The Romans had a religious view of allegiance to the emperor and any religion that disputed the public religious allegiance ceremonies were considered as traitors. Jews, and by association Christians, obviously were at odds with the authorities because they refused to go through the motion of religious allegiance to the emperor.

    There were several periods of persecution in the period up to about 300AD. Nero's persecution was largely restricted to Rome, but wider persecutions were under Aurelius, Decius, Gallus, and Valerian. It should be noted that there were also periods of tolerance and acceptance too. Because Christians were different, they were often blamed for disasters, plagues and other misfortunes.

    One thing I have learned about persecution is that the persecutors were not targeting Christians specifically but rather anybody who was at odds socially and culturally with the Roman ideal, or at least with the local ruler's perception of it.

    Are Christians persecuted today? Yes they are and there are several well-documented persecution events in recent years in several countries. But persecution is not limited to just Christians. Minority groups in many countries including "enlightened Western cultures" often suffer from intolerance and loss of privilege and civil rights. Is it possible that we are complicit in that sort of persecution?

    If we only use history to justify ourselves, we have learned very little.

    • You have a point brother M, but I just think that the emphasis on Tuesday is about that group who remained faithful amid persecution... Of course we can broaden it to the other examples like you did. However the issue is on what we need to do today, learning from the examples given

  2. Faithful amid persecution
    Why do we sing the song, dare to be a Daniel?
    Why are the three Hebrew Boys, our heroes?
    What about Mordecai?

    All these people are an inspiration because they were faithful even when their lives were at stake.

    It's easy and convenient to worship God when you have money in your wallet. It's easy to be a Christian when there is no sickness in the family.
    It's easy to worship God when there is no death in the family.
    But it's very difficult to worship God when you have problems. Not only is it difficult but there is the threat of being unfaithful... These people were faithful amid persecution.
    During the dark ages, to avoid persecution, you just needed to recant and forsake the truth.

    Today, there are situations where you either keep the Sabbath, or lose your job. What do you do? Do you bribe your way to the top? Do you sell your body to get a promotion? Faithful amid persecution.

    Recently I was reading Foxe's book of martyrs. These people did not die so that they become martyrs. They died because they wanted to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience...

    Believe you me, during the times of persecution, there are people who compromised and we do not read about them. Those we read about, are the ones who through the strength of God, remained faithful amid persecution

  3. We all need the same Spirit that led the first disciples. We need the inner peace that the world cannot give. We need Jesus more than ever because He is close; we hear his steps already. We need to be ready and contagious with His joy! The King is coming!

  4. Well said. The emphasis is on fathfullness dispite being persecuted. May God help is to be faithful dispite being persecuted. Sometimes our persecution comes from those closest to us.

  5. The disciples were faced with problems just as the church is today, however their success and increase in numbers daily was due to the fact that their mission statement outweighed the challenges faced. The goal was to preach and share the good news of Jesus globally. Satan has not changed in his efforts to attack the people of God, he has gotten better at perfecting his craft over the years. I pray we have the same passion dedication and love as the early church to remain faithful even at the cost of our lives


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