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  1. As I read the great controversy I was overwhelmed with the purity of the faith of the waldenes.

    As Jerome was facing the flames of fire, his last words, uttered as the flames rose about him, were a prayer. “Lord, Almighty Father,” he cried, “have pity on me, and pardon me my sins; for Thou knowest that I have always loved Thy truth. His voice ceased, but his lips continued to move in prayer. When the fire had done its work, the ashes of the martyr, with the earth upon which they rested, were gathered up, and like those of Huss, were thrown into the Rhine. GC 115.1

    As I read this it brought tears in my eyes and I made me realize that there are people who lost their life following in the steps of their master for the Gospel which we now sometimes take for granted. I thought to myself maybe what am going through now is nothing compared to what the matyres went through.

    My prayer is that may God increase my faith. I really don't have words to utter but to ask God to help me.

    Thank you all for your comments, even thought at times we don't comment but I do read your comments daily.

    Thank you Inge for reminding us to read "Love under fire" like you have said the contemporary version of the great controversy is love under fire

  2. I learned that, GOD, had kept his promise ages ago, and he will keep his promise to us today, once we have faith in him and be faithful to him. And that he will give us strength through our trails and bring us though victorious.

  3. What a testimony and encouragement is the history of the reformers who suffered and stood firm for the gospel is to us today. They looked for the city that “has foundations”. They knew in Whom they believed. Oh that we may give true witness to our faith today.

  4. Oh that my faith may be unwavering and unfaltering like these men of old! I don't understand the dynamics of faith and at times when I think I'm exercising faith, it turns out I'm second guessing myself. I love Jesus but I find that I'm not growing as I ought to. I cried out to Him but most times He's so quiet, it's deafening. I continue to push on despite my shortcomings and hope that I'll eventually understand His will specifically for me. Please pray for me that God will transform me. Thanks for the inspiring comments. I Sometimes used them in my Sabbath school. 🙏

  5. What do I place first in my life? Relationship, wife, daughter, work, material possessions, social status, or God? Sometimes, God can send me situations or people as answers to my (not even whispered) prayers, and I cannot see that because my physical surroundings block me; I can only see my problems. I need to trust in God entirely and read His signs as my mind opens to Him through His Word.

  6. What a mighty God we serve.These men knew God for themselves, They trusted in His promises that He made to us..They knew death was comming yet these faithful servants of God still stood for God.


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