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  1. The illustration of the three young Hebrew men standing as the throngs around them bowed to the image of self…

    Sometimes we’re standing in the flames which are burning seven times hotter than usual (Daniel 3:19). Flames of rejection, flames of false accusations, flames of temptation and doubt, flames of lukewarmness and dulled senses, flames of loss or illness, flames of cultural perversion of God’s morals. It’s then, in a time of great danger and discomfort, that we see that fourth person standing in the flames with us (Daniel 3:25)…. sometimes it takes someone watching from outside the furnace to point Jesus’s presence in our trial out to us. Jesus is the armor of God given to us. If we hold onto His scarred Hand…. He’s been there before us…. nothing will be able to singe our faith (Daniel 3:17-18, 27). 🙏🏻

  2. To shine like Jesus, I can only reflect Him. To reflect Him, I have to carry His character. To carry His character, mine has to be changed. To change my character, I need His Light. It all starts and ends with Jesus. He is the purpose and the means of everything good!

  3. The call to stand rings just as loudly today as it did back then with the Waldenses.

    Dare to be a Daniel, Dare to stand alone
    Dare to have a purpose Firm and Dare to Make it known!!!

      • Amen.In 1 Cor15:58, we are encouraged to stand firm and steady for our saviour always, since its not in vain.Let us take up the whole armour of God so that we can be able to withstand these evil days of many trials(Ephesians 6:13).

  4. “How can we, reflecting the light of Christ, shine in our own community?”
    I believe by living as ‘Peacemakers’, those who do not contribute to and avoid strife, we contribute to the genuineness - the 'Light of Christ' - the ‘Gospel of Peace’.

    Every day might offer opportunities to express God's spirit of love and kindness. In my opinion, debating Scripture as if it were ‘laws’ does not contribute to the spirit of unity and devotion to that which Christian’s are called to – to love God with all their heart and love their fellow man. We ought to focus on the Fruit of the Spirit in our discourse with each other and those not having joined us in faith - Gal.5:22-23.
    Sometimes, when present in a hostile environment, it is more prudent to stay silent. God has His own sovereign ways to respond to every occasion perfectly - Mark 14:53-65.

  5. It's not the place of the lesson to point out the flaws of the reformers, but it probably is a good idea to remember they weren't perfect. Some of them even did some persecuting of their own. But God still used them and that's an encouragement for us.

  6. It is hard to imagine the oppressive spiritual darkness of the "Dark Ages" - the times of the Waldenses and of John Wycliffe before the Bible was available to the common people. Those with spiritual sensibilities suffered from a sense of guilt and doom which they tried to dispel by gifts to the church, even when they had scarcely enough to eat, and by doing "penance" prescribed by the priests. But the sense of condemnation did not leave them because it was fed by the official church which taught that it was the only door to salvation.

    In this atmosphere the Waldensian/Vaudois missionary merchants traveled throughout Europe, in the 12th Century and beyond, often bare-foot and ragged, but with portions of Scripture sewn into their garments. When they encountered receptive hearts, they shared the good news of salvation in Jesus freely offered to all who choose to trust Him. The Waldensians then often left a portion of Scripture with them. That portion was a gleam of heavenly light piercing the darkness of false religion. It was treasured more than gold or silver and read and shared in secret, brightening lives long after the Waldensian merchant had gone on his way - perhaps even martyred by the dominant church.

    We tend to think we live in an "enlightened" society, but are we allowing the light of God's Word to shine in us and through us?

    We have been so blessed in reading the story of the Waldenses/Vaudois in the book Love Under Fire, which I mentioned in a previous comment. The 4th chapter is about the Waldenses, and it is a moving account.

    [We read the Kindle version, but you can also get the book in hard copy or read it for free. Check our page Great Controversy – War Between Good and Evil for more info.]


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