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Wednesday: The Two Witnesses Resurrected — 7 Comments

  1. While many of us believe that the two witnesses are the Old and New Testament it important to recognise that it is not just the availability of these documents but rather that the message is read and applied. The printing process reached the stage were it was possible to make thousands of copies of books available quite cheaply (compared to the handcrafted books that were only available to the nobility and the sponsored academics previously.

    It is also interesting to reflect that during the aftermath of the French Revolution period, slavery was abolished, convict transportation ceased, and child labour was reduced. The gospel was spread to places outside Europe (I mention that this was often accompanied with commercial and political interests and when we look back from our modern perspective we realise that there were serious compromises at times) But, if we are honest with ourselves, there is much more to be done.

    We have the dilemma that the Bible is one of the most widely available books but to a large extent its message is ignored. While we like to lay the blame for this on modern secularism and so on, we should probably ask ourselves this question. If, for many people, we are the only Bible they ever read, what sort of translation are we giving them. I need to remind myself that for most of the Christian era, copies of the Biblical text were not freely available, yet people came to hear the Gospel in their own language by the way true Christian friends and neighbours lived. Christ-centred living is the best translation of the Bible we have to offer.

  2. The Word of God is an endless fountain of knowledge. It is the propel for profound inner changes and sharpens the mind. Although its pages present the violent reality of real wars among humans, in contrast, it shows how far the Creator can go to save His creatures. The highest point of the Bible is the disclosure of what faithful Love can do, and it is divided in two because of its most non-understandable act, before and after "God with us."

  3. Maurice, JC. Amen. Loved the comments today; so meaningful. God with us through His Word, and the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts.

  4. The lesson writer posed the question: “What prophecies in particular speak to you, personally, and why?” Yes, there are prophecies, but there are also God’s words of wisdom, His words of encouragement, words of understanding the indescribable value of the Gift of the Holy Spirit to all who seek to understand His Salvation message to mankind.

    In her post, Inge pointed out Prov.2:3-5 to lead those who seek diligently, motivated by the - love of the Truth’ - 'to discern and understand the word of God, to be rewarded with understanding the “fear of the Lord” and the “knowledge of God.”' These are God’s promises to all who love Him.

    What enhances/strengthens the believer’s walk by faith in the Word of God more than anything else? – right understanding! What opens up our heart and mind to understanding? - when we love God with all our heart, being grateful for having been called out of the darkness and cherish the marvelous Light of God’s Truth.

    My favorite ‘prophecy/promise/gift’ is the directive that when we desire to first love God with all our heart, love to seek to live in His kingdom, that He will cause us to live peaceably with our fellow man as He reveals to us all Truth - Matt. 22:34-40; Matt.7:11-13. It brings deep peace and rest to my anxious soul.

  5. Imagine Since 500 years of Daniel up to now , they tried to undermine, kill and change, but now we are seeing still Bible, means the word of God is still moving and fresh, the only thing,we must must keep it near us all the time, Amen


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