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  1. There are a couple of things we need to keep in mind as we study this weeks lesson:

    • Who is involved is much more important than heavenly architecture, or even timing. The big picture idea is that it's about relationships.
    • Much of the discussion about the sanctuary is based on the book of Hebrews. It is essentially a treatise to show Christian Jews how to appreciate the work of Jesus in terms of their experience as Jews. The day of atonement was very familiar to them as it is even to modern Jews. Understanding the Jewish perspective helps us appreciate what the writer of Hebrews is saying
  2. Exodus 25:9 stated the detailed information of what was shown to Moses to build a replica of the heavenly sanctuary on earth. Israelites have that access through direct contact with God in the wilderness. Priest who sanctified to do this priestly duties were directly imitating exactly was to come which Christ himself fulfilled on calvary.
    We now have Him who knows all our needs and anxieties and more difficulties in life and can help us when we come to him just as we are.

  3. Why did God deem it essential to have the Children of Israel built Him a physical place, a sanctuary (tabernacle) here on earth? In modern times is the sanctuary (church building)essential in the believers' spiritual experience, growth and salvation? The sanctuary was essential because it provided a tangible and central place for worship, a means for the Israelites to experience God's presence, and a way to maintain religious and communal unity. It also served as a powerful educational tool (about salvation), embodying spiritual truths and covenantal promises, while facilitating the essential practices of sacrifice and atonement.

    I find it very interesting to note that God wanted to manifest his presence in a designated physical space. God who is Omnipresent and mighty wanted to inhabit a small space built by human hands. I understand that this Great God, yet want to have a personal touch with us by dwelling amongst us. The sanctuary was to be a tangible sign of God's dwelling among his people, making His presence real and accessible.

    As it was in the days of the old where the sanctuary provided a central location for worship, which was important for maintaining the unity of God people, we are reminded in the Book of Hebrews 10:25, not to forsake the assembly of believers particularly as the Day of the Lord approaches.

    It is also essential to remind ourselves that when we congregate together for worship, we are a people who are meant to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. "But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light" (1 Peter 2:9 - NLT). Therefore, even as we study about the sanctuary, let us be reminded that this knowledge and understanding is meant to make use "unique" people in our values, behaviour, actions, attitude and above all prepare us for eternal salvation.

  4. I suppose there to be two aspects/components regarding the Sanctuary and its services – the physical and the spiritual. It appears to be important that both are addressed with equal fervor, as both serve the same purpose – to facilitate God's continuous process of Salvation for mankind.

    I always wondered about why the Jewish people had such difficulties grasping/accepting the spiritual aspects of the Sanctuary services. As they went through the motions to fulfill the law governing its ceremonies, most of them missed out on the most valuable aspect - the changing of their heart and mind.

    Maybe this lesson will shed some light on this as we are part of the blessed generation having obtained the 'Light from the Sanctuary'.
    Heb.8:4-6 – v.6 “But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, inasmuch as He is also Mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promise.”

  5. Christ was crucified for our sin, he knew no sin but carry the weight of the world's sin and died cruelly on calvary.
    We must be more thankful for having him as our high priest and mediating with God on our behalf.
    This is Good News and Gospel of Salvation.

  6. I came across your message quite accidently (I'm positive it was the Lord who sent me here to leave you a message also .. I started keeping the Sabbath a few years ago & It still amazes me how I always tried in the past by Keeping Sunday as The ( new ) Sabbath , which it is not / Truly it's the first day of the week .. I'm so glad Yashua showed me the truth & I"m getting better @ keeping it , but I look to the way , The Lord did this during His Earthly Ministry ... It's Still alright to do Well on the Sabbath & to do GOOD , as Yashua / Jesus demonstrated to us in how He went about honoring The ," True " Sabbath . The forth Chapter of Hebrews clearly states that it's still in effect . And of Course Constantine had no Authority to change the Day , heck , he worshiped the Sun , ( Not The Son of God ) and I believe tried to appease the pagans of his time .. The Cannon of Scripture was already in place and who was he ( Constantine ) to change , " GODS HOLY WORD "
    Which is Alive & Active & Sharper than any two edged Sword , piercing as far as the Division of Soul & Spirit , Bone & Marrow and is able to judge the Thoughts & Intensions of The Heart & No Weapon formed against you shall ever prosper !!! For I The Lord your God watches over His Word to perform it & is able to perform that which He has Promised . Plus no good thing will I withhold from those who walk upright with Me , thus say'est The Lord your God . And if you Love Jesus / Yashua you will keep my Commandments .. Jeepung the Sabbath is such a Blessing , for the Lord says , I made the Sabbath for The Man ( His Creation ) & not The Man for The Sabbath !!!

  7. Isn't it interesting as to how the only place that a 2300 day (year) prophetic time period is only mentioned in Daniel 8:14. But Jesus never mentions that time period in any of His Prophetic or Parabolic utterances at all. And then in the Last Book of the Bible, "The Revelation," there is also no mention of this time period either. The Apostle Paul never mentions it in any of his writings either. Especially His Book, "The Book of Hebrews," Paul says nothing about this time period at all either even though in this book he devotes most of it to "The Day of Atonement," Feast and how it applied to Jesus and what Jesus had already done "Once for all," by His Sacrificial Spilling of His very own blood "Once for all." Personally, I feel that Jesus nor Paul nor any other Apostle nor the last book of the Bible mentions this time period is simply because Jesus fulfilled all that this time period implied at Calvary, 2,000 plus or minus years ago. Symbolically, that is the only place that it has any kind of meaning at all: Calvary, The Cross, Jesus Spilled blood, "Once for all." What Jesus has been doing since then at His Fathers' Right Hand and seated at the Right Hand of His Father and His Throne, is what Jesus Himself Promised He would do in John 14:16-20. He is there for us to come to Him by faith and claim the Promise of His Holy Spirit to aid us now in living for Him etc.

    • I would be careful about disparaging the 2300 day prophecy, Pete. Something tangible did happen in 1844 as a result of the great disappointment. People started to think more about the ministry of Christ and its meaning for us, and its meaning to others. Sometimes we are so proud of solving the maths that we smother the message. The second part of your comment goes a long way in describing that ministry. I suggest it is a good idea to grow that thought.

      • Maurice, everything has to match, it all goes together, the math, the message, other Bible texts. Pete is correct in raising these issues. According to the church, this was not a man-made prophecy, it came from God. And God is the greatest mathematician, so the math has to fit, otherwise it is not from God. God does NOT make mistakes in ANYTHING, including the math. God is Perfect, He knows the past and the future. We should always strive to find the truth, directly from the Bible. God's promise is that the Spirit will guide us to the truth.

        • My concern is that the arithmetic should not eclipse the message. We are saved by grace, not by arithmetic.

        • JP, you write that

          Pete is correct in raising these issues. According to the church, this was not a man-made prophecy, it came from God. And God is the greatest mathematician, so the math has to fit, otherwise it is not from God. God does NOT make mistakes in ANYTHING, including the math.

          That leads me to believe that you feel the 2300-day prophecy has been misinterpreted because 1844 was a "mistake."

          Let me build a bit on what Maurice wrote. First of all, the 2300-day prophecy encompasses much more than 1844. That date is only the end-point, but it is nailed down by "Messiah the Prince" showing up at exactly the right time, putting an end to sacrifices by His own death on the cross "in the midst of the week" of seven years (i.e. 3 1/2 years after beginning his ministry). And the end of the week is marked by the stoning of Stephen, which completed the national rejection of Christ. Since then, the Jewish people, as a nation, were no longer the people of God.

          We interpret the end-point of the prophecy on the basis of the Hebrew sanctuary services, recognizing that 1844 marked the point at which the real "Day of Atonement" began. (You can find a short overview at "What Adventists Believe About Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary." These lessons give another brief glimpse.

          The preaching of the Advent message leading up to 1844 wasn't a mistake, any more than Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem was a mistake. In each instance, people became excited and joyful because of a prophetic even being fulfilled. In each instance they were right that a prophetic event was being fulfilled, but in both instances they misunderstood the nature of that event. The people who laid their garments on the street for Christ's donkey to walk on while they sang and shouted, "Hosanna to the Son of David!" expected Him to take up His reign of king and throw off the yoke of Roman oppression. Instead, He took up His final role in fulfillment of the typological sanctuary services: He offered Himself as the perfect offering for sin, thus giving us a new heritage and title to heaven for all who believe.

          The triumphal entry was not a mistake. God wanted the people's attention drawn to the final days of Christ on this planet. He wanted all attention on Christ as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. The timing was perfect. Jews from all over the world came to Jerusalem for the Passover, and everyone found out about the prophetic fulfillment of the King riding on an ass. Although they would not understand all that would follow, the pieces of the puzzle would fall together later when they recognized Christ for who He was because He had fulfilled all Messianic prophecies so precisely.

          In the same way, the message that Christ was coming back to this earth in 1844 was not a mistake. The "Advent Awakening" happened all over the world, proclaimed by preachers, teachers, mechanics, farmers, laborers and even children, when adults where forbidden to preach. God wanted attention drawn again to the teaching of the Second Coming. And when the little group that could not deny that God had been in the movement kept on studying, God drew their attention to the Hebrew sanctuary services, and they saw that it consisted of daily services and a yearly service called the Day of Atonement. And Christ had begun fulfilling that part of His ministry before coming back to this planet to rescue His faithful children.

          Yes, the 2300-day prophecy came from God, and, yes, the math fit perfectly. It was/is the very last time prophecy in the Bible. Now we know this: We are living at the very end of time, and His Coming is imminent. He is now perfecting a people who will demonstrate His character at the end of the world, sometimes called Armageddon. In the final battle between Christ and Satan, His people will demonstrate the self-renouncing character of their Master while Satan's hosts will demonstrate the self-exalting and controlling character of their master as they seek to destroy God's people. And the whole universe will recognize that God's way is best!

    • Christ is the Temple...He is the Door. He was the Lamb who was slain 2000 years ago, He is also the water in the laver for cleansing, He is the Bread on the table of Shewbread, He is the Golden candle Stick, He is the incense that prays for us to the Father, because we do not know what to utter to the Father. The wise men offered 3 gifts for the 3 roles of the Son of God...Gold for a King, Frankincense for the High Priest and Myrrh for the sacrifice.The Bible is very clear that He is our High priest who makes intercession for us Through the Spirit of God and through His Angelic Ministry.

  8. Pete,the book of Daniel did not end at Daniel 8:14. Daniel 12:4 states"But thou,O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." Paul did not speak of it because that prophecy was shut, the book was sealed until the time of the end. William Miller wasn't the only one studying the scriptures at that time.


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