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  1. We should not give up In evangelism I had the same experience here in kacheliba ,kenya the people ridiculed us and said nobody will accept adventist faith unless we change to Sunday! We never relented and now we have many adventists and we have build a church ! Glory be unto God.

  2. In an old interview with Roger Morneau, he described what the Satanist priest had told him about how the demons and Satan were to be revealed. He said that the demons would appear first as aliens from other planets telling the earth that unless they change to Sunday, they would all be lost. The Satan would appear as Jesus. Is not Hollywood preparing the earth for this deception in many of their movies?
    Alice A. Bailey, a Satanist, said that the demons will be revealed in 2025. Interesting.

    • When I read such things, I wonder, should we believe the satanists? Might it not be better to leave the unknowns to God?
      Satan may be a good guesser, but he can also use our belief in his agents to deceive us - and he most likely will.
      (It is this tendency to present what satanic agencies as factual that always bothered me about Roger Morneau.)

      • I'm in a agreement with Inge. Satan neither knows nor determines when the end comes. He would already be doing all these things if he was not held back. Now, he is very perceptive and probably has some sense but it's not up to him. I think we often forget that. God is always in control.

  3. The glue that is drawing all the world religions into the ecumenical movement is just a common religions feeling, an ecstatic, Pentecostal experience. This experience is usually combined with speaking in tongues. Both protestant and Catholic churches as well as many pagan religions speak in tongues. These are not other languages as described by the Apostle Paul but are demonic inspired speech.


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