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  1. #371 LIFT HIM UP

    Lift Him Up, 'tis He that bids you,
    Let the dying look and live.
    To all weary, thirsting sinners, Living waters will He give...
    Lift Him up, this precious Savior Let the multitude behold;
    They with willing hearts shall seek Him
    He will draw them to His fold;.....

    Lift Him up in all His glory, Tis the Son of God on high
    Lift Him up, His love shall draw them...
    Let them hear again the story Of the cross,
    the death of shame,...
    He the glorious Redeemer, All the sins of men did bear...

    Lift Him up, the risen Savior, High amid the waiting throng
    Lift Him up, tis He that speaketh,
    Now He bids you flee from wrong.....


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