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Hope SS: From Slaves to Heirs — 4 Comments

  1. Pastor your international Sabbath school class is a great blessing to us. You simplify the lessons. We watch you on both internet and Hope Channel Zambia.

    I love the compositions of the scriptural songs that you sing. To me they all sound like Hebrew or Jewish songs.

    May the Lord bless your ministry together with your members.

  2. Dear Hope Sabbath School ,your label of Hope is just that to me and all viewers around the world.Im a South African and proudly born Seventh Day Adventist, living in the Middle East for 20 years..Your input on scripture ,regarding the lesson is always insightful ,within your diversity and diverse view points.Heaven will most definitely be a colourful place , like the colors of rainbow .Ive read the study of Peter and Paul over and over again .I never tire of the depth of leadership of this study. As I get older and more receptive to the Holy Spirit through younger sincere voices.I see the prophiceies played out daily especially in USA.Stay safe in Gods protective loving hands.Praise God.

  3. Dear Brethren and Sisters,

    I am so delighted to follow you.
    It is my third time studying the Lesson with you.
    From the time started watching this program i have seen myself grow in the knowledge of God.I do follow up with the outlines and continually find myself blessed during the study.

    I bless the lord for your work.

    Solomon Atepo (Kampala, Uganda).

  4. I am inspired by your biblical teachings and discussions via Hope tv; it's been wonderful and didactic.
    I am one of your inspired viewers from kaduna, Nigeria.


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