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    • Joyce has broken her hip and is in rehabilitation care at the moment. She does not have access to a computer, so we have not been able to communicate directly with her. Her family has told me that she is in good spirits but may not be able to live independently for quite some time. We pray that she will continue to improve.

      • Am really saddened to hear that. May Our Lord comfort her and bring healing to her.. I long to see her back to teaching. God do something!

        • I will do as soon as I can contact Joyce’s family again. It may take a bit of time as I am currently travelling.

            • Hi Enock, Thank you for asking about Joyce. My last contact with the family earlier this year informed me that Joyce needed help in her day-to-day chores and that she was unable to use electronic devices because they were too confusing to her. She locked herself out of the phone and had to have it reset to factory status so many times. She had confided in me some time ago that her health was failing and warned me what to expect. We, like you, valued her contribution to Sabbath School Net.


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