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  1. When studying the phrase "the messiah was cut-off" time span, the death of Jesus happened on Wednesday instead of a friday as kept by most christians including SDA's, Thinking like a Jew, the passover was a shabbath and therefore before the passover, it was preparation day therefore after Jesus had his last supper with his disciples, he therefore was crucified and died on a wednesday at noon so sunset to sunset of thursday is one day and from sunset to sunset of friday is the second day and sunset to sunset of saturday is the third day, if we believe that christ died on Friday as most christians believe then Jesus would have risen up on Monday instead of being seen by mary on Sunday. Thus there definitely is a misunderstanding on the crucifixion story.

    • The Wednesday cruicifiction idea comes up quite frequently and there are answers for it. However, I don't see how it related to the prophecy under discussion here.


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