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9: Be Who You Are – Discussion starters — 4 Comments

  1. Faith in the face of death, A question in mind how Comes the downward crucifixion of Peter downwards was arrived at?. I fear death. Why? My time is not yet!

    • Tradition mostly. Ellen White seems to agree. It sounds like Peter's personality to me. It is not biblical however. The only biblical evidence is of Christ's words to peter about stretching his hands out. No words of either up or down.

    • Enock, That is a question that has been asked more than once. One would wonder also why this crucifixion of Peter would undoubtedly not be a scriptural account. Unquestioningly, Peter has ask for forgiveness of all his transgressions. Even with the list of characteristics I wonder if Peter had some of the inclinations that he was noted for. Peter was not timid of bashful in any way that is evident. That would almost be just like Peter, to make a statement that all may be aware of. It is only conjecture on our part in absence of biblical fact.


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