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Ask the Author: Christ’s Death and the Law — 4 Comments

  1. i thank God for his sabbath,because that is the mark of our loyalty to God as the creator, and that same sabbath we willbe worshiping God in the heaven made new.

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    Our natural propensity to sinning and our attraction to sin are so strong that boundaries and sanctions established by the law are necessary to reduce sin. So the law becomes a compass or signpost, which points us in the right direction. When my relationship with Christ is what it should be, there would be no need for the compass or signpost. The law becomes immaterial to me because I would no longer need it to guide my actions: so I am dead to the law. In Christ, I know the terrain of righteousness. It becomes second nature to put my foot in the right place, and to navigate a sinful world without falling into Satan's traps. When I make a misstep, the Spirit of righteousness, rather than the law, will guide recognition and correction of the misstep. Christ has become the blueprint, and as long as I follow that blueprint, there is no need for the law. Then I will have become addicted to righteous living in Christ Jesus, and the law would no longer be relevant to my choices: My greatest need is then to be more like Christ.

  3. Courtney, if we do not have the law, then how do we know when we have made a misstep? The law is there to show us our need for Christ. There will never be a point when we will not need Christ.


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