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  1. My experience with God is that He is faithful and just.Since I came to know God after seeking Him,I have made decisions based on the wisdom of knowing Him and have not regretted otherwise I would be in a completely different and very bad situation.May all praise the name of the Lord our God.

  2. Maurice, I really appreciate your insights.

    You wrote:When God said, “Let us make man in our image, after out likeness,” (Gen 1: 26) ... means we would enjoy the ability to think like Him, to make decisions and solve problems.

    In my life, there have been many decisions to make and multitudes of problems to solve. Lately, I can look and say, "that was a good decision" or that was the best decision I could make at the time. I have made many mistakes, but as you say, learning from mistakes valuable. Thanks!

  3. While I agree that many of us learned text before we truly understood them - I do believe that memorizing scripture is still a good thing. Why? because of the scripture - Your word have I hid in my heart that I will not sin against You (paraphrased) There are many times scripture learned in childhood have come to my mind and now understanding the meaning has aided in making wise decisions!

  4. Maurice I appreciate the practical approaches that you mention. We were created with the highest form of intellect for a reason. First and foremost is a relationship with our creator God. I believe also that in the controversy with Satan, God is giving proof that He is just and fair in everything that He does. Man has the ability of choice. This is where wisdom fits in. In the choices we make, good or bad, wise or foolish.

  5. You are cute Maurice. I do believe that living in Christ is intra- cellular also. When God said give me your stony heart(box) and I will replace it with a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26 and Ezekiel 11:19. He didn't mean He will only replace the pericardium, He will replace the pericardium, myocardium, endocardium, valves, red corpuscles, white corpuscles, platelets, coronary arteries, the whole works. I understand your point you intended to get across. I wanted to make sure the readers know that God dwells in our hearts also. Yes I too believe He wants us to be engineutive(have an element of artistic work) in our thinking. He did create us with a mind to exploit through Christ.
    Happy Sabbath down under.

  6. There is a legend concerning the Polish concert Pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860-1941) that goes something like this. A little boy, taken to a Paderewski concert, slipped away during a long wait for the performance to start. He wandered up on the stage, sat down at the concert piano and began to play Chopsticks. The crowd reacted with anger, demanding that the boy be removed immediately. Paderewski, who had just arrived on the stage, came up behind the boy, and leaned over him, whispering, "Keep playing, Don't quit. The master then proceeded to improvise a beautiful masterpiece around what the boy was playing.
    I think this is a beautiful illustration of How God takes the decisions we make, imperfect and inadequate, lacking all the facts and a knowledge of what the outcome will be, and improvises a masterwork around them.

  7. Being created in his image does not make us eaqual to him. We need him in everything including decision making as we fell short when Adam chose to disobey.

    • Definitely not equal to Him, but in His image, after his likeness. In particular we do have the power to ask for God's help when we make decisions. And we should not ignore the fact that God may speak to us through our community of believers as well.

  8. I agree that God created us with the ability to think just as He has this ability. He also created us with the ability to make choices. We must remember however , that it was in leaning their own understanding that our first parents brought sin into this world which resulted in all the pain that followed ever since.So even in their sinless condition they were able to be deceived. Now we after centuries of living in and being molded by this sinful world have an even more difficult, if not impossible,challenge in making wise decisions. We NEED the wisdom that God imparts through whatever channel He chooses. Getting to know His word, looking at the example of Jesus as he walked out in human flesh the wisdom of God, are primary sources to consult Even then we pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance in applying the knowledge correctly and appropriately! True knowledge and wisdom begin with God and leads to God.The wisdom of this world, as Solomon found out, leads only to vanity and vexation of spirit. Now that is the epitome of foolishness.

    • Thank you for your comment Valerie. I think we do need the "wisdom that God imparts". The issue for most of us is that God's wisdom is something that has to be experienced and not just talked about. Much of the discussion I see about wisdom is really definitions rather than experience. All too often we pray for God's wisdom and think that God will miraculously provide us with some special gift for making decisions when God is really telling us to do a bit of homework and collect the information so that we can be receptive to his will. Wisdom from God does not come by chance.

      • Maurice I am glad you highlighted the fact that we need the WISDOM that GOD imparts. We must bear in mind that Lucifer was an intellect. He is well aware of our vulnerabilities and employs 'smart' strategies to attack us. Just look at what technology (though good) is doing to our world. While I am glad for it to be able to communicate with you in this manner, it is the very same thing being used to distract thousands of our brothers and sisters from studying the word and spreading the gospel. It is causing so much division in our churches because of all sorts of new theories being advanced. God help US! We must pray for the wisdom of GOD himself and not tell God how to answer us but humbly seek his help, as the devil is still impactful

  9. Maurice I don't think you are saying that we should not pray for wisdom. There is some question as to what our expectations should be. Solomon was given more wisdom than any other person that lived or will live. The reason is known only to God. I don't think that any of his wisdom was the result of his efforts. How that wisdom is used is another issue. Solomon's life was examples of proper and improper use.

    • I agree Paul. One of the issues that I see is the use of prayer for wisdom with the expectation for God to do the work that we should do for ourselves. I remember a Maths student praying for help in passing a maths examination. The student had attended few classes and done a minimal amount of assignment work. I guess his prayer was answered. I gave him the F grade that he had worked for.

      When we pray for wisdom, we are not praying for answers but for God's help in understanding the problem so we collaboratively with God can find the answer.


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