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  1. Fear the LORD cannot mean be afraid of Him because Jesus repeatedly "be not afraid it is I"
    So what does it mean?
    I believe it is worshipping Him as the ruler of the Universe, the source of all power and wisdom.

  2. Why are so many people choosing to idolize the rebels and anti-establishment leaders promoting anarchy?

    Because they reject God's wisdom and His Word which shows that true happiness come from the Golden Rule - do unto others what you want them to do to you.
    They reject God's authority over them as well as any other authority.

  3. “This seems to say that God won’t be merciful to the sinner when trouble comes his way. I thought that if we sought Him, He would forgive and answer. What’s different here?”

    Noah preached for 120 years and they rejected his message, then the door of the ark was closed and then it was too late for those outside.
    Just so time for people to accept Jesus will run out soon, don't delay act today.

  4. I love my dad so much, he is a very good dad i believe he does anything for me to benefit. But still am afraid of him in a sense that, i cant do stupid things or things he hates, because i know it will turn on his wrath on me.
    I think thats how we can love and fear the lord. Thank you God bless

  5. To fear GOD means we should fear His Divine Punishment
    we should not to be afraid of Him of hurting us but because of His Divine power and character


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