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  1. Job, along his "sanctification" process, was doing extremely well. It means that step by step, every day, he was growing trying to reflect the character of God. He was a sinner yet, because until he died he never reached the level of Jesus Christ character, but God knew and understood his level of "perfection" and declared him as a "man blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil". What good news for us!, we are not perfect yet, but if we do our best according the light we have received from God, we are perfect to His eyes.

  2. JOB, was a very significant character that I really admired when I am going through my temptation and trial. To me Job was perfect in all his way, he feared and shun the appearance of evil. But like Job sometime we don\'t understand when we face those trails. But we should always learn to trust God and know He know best. Unlike Job, we know that this fight is not about us it about Satan and God, but we got caught in the middle of this fight and evilness of Satan. The good news is that Jesus has won the battle already. We are made perfect in God sight because of Jesus death on the cross.Amen


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