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Christ Entered Our Death Camp — 3 Comments

  1. Lillianne,

    A beautiful story about the life of Jesus. I hadn't thought of this perspective and I think you are correct, "Our sinful, earthly minds rebel at the thought of being subject to anyone, especially someone we perceive as being somehow less important than we are." Jesus was obedient unto death.

    The story of Mr. Pilecki is inspiring. Unimaginable suffering occurred
    in WWII in many area of the world and Mr. Pilecki is one person who tried to help others.
    Thank you for the post!

  2. The stori of Mr.Pilecki was thought provoking.It is a astounding examplary trait that was potrayed.Jesus depicted similar calamities as he took humanity for our divinity sake.How humble the son of God who himself was the creator and stood so low to save our world and yet humiliated for our indulgence in our wicked ways.

  3. "From the time when Jesus and God the Father made the plan to redeem humanity,". Good day sis Lopez, was The Holy Spirit not apart of this team?


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