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  1. Yes exactly the thoughts I have regarding how things will happen and His people who are alive will rise to meet the Lord in the air then we will be with Him forever! Amen!

  2. Thank you for the reminder.
    How can someone know he's ready for the arrival of the son of God?

    What am I suppose to do practically so that I feel like someone who's already at the airport waiting for his sweetheart??

    • Live in the expectancy of our Lords return, read and study seeking His face, daily asking for His grace to transform you into His likeness giving you the joy of His presence so that you may live daily with... "Christ in you, the hope of glory... ."

  3. “...Our God is not some Supreme Being sitting on the clouds waiting to destroy us with all sorts of disasters because we are bad people.”

    “Let us fill the world with a better message of His coming.”

    Great article, Linda. I agree with these statements/ideas particularly- and I believe the two concepts are directly related.

    Something I wonder, do you reckon God “expects us to anticipate His coming and echo it around the world” or could it be that He desires and invites us to do that rather than expecting?

  4. I am a lost person trying to understand how to have a relationship with God. I have attempted to study His word, and somehow I get drawn away. I now feel depressed about my sins, and having lived my so long full of it. Listening to a sermon online, I recently learned that if I’m not living every day of the week in constant holiness, I am not honoring the Lord. I am too involved in a Secular way of life. There is uncertainty wether I deserve to be saved. Is it too late, and has God given up on me?

    • What a powerful statement, good for you for being brave enough and post your worries and concerns. You are loved, and He who gave His life to buy you back from sin is more than interested in your salvation and seeing you reign with the rest of His ransomed saints with Him in glory for ever and ever.

      Have you ever read "Steps to Christ" or "The Faith I Live By."

      Both are available by pdf or online at Amazon, as well your local SDA church should have copies in their library. Jesus is coming soon, get these two asap, seek His face, "...draw nigh unto Him and He will draw nigh unto you... ."

      Remember the rainbow over our Redeemers head represents faithfulness. He will complete the good work He has started in you.


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