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  1. Abstain from all kinds of evil, the kind of music we listen to, the sex laced movies we watch, books we read are among the kinds of evil. The internet must be used cautiously because it offers an array of evil depictions in terms of pornography, we must live a prayerful life. I have been blessed.

  2. Today I am blessed to have my lesson studies done on the laptop. I am young in teaching our Sabbath School, sometimes I use to feel that I can't make it but today the lesson study has prepared me for the coming Sabbath. God Blessed you. Soon as my laptop was installed today the first thing I did was to pray and look up Adventist.org. To God be the Glory. Please pray for me and the instrument to continue with God's work.

  3. I am curious to see where the text is addressing mainly the leaders. I find it addressed only to the collective of the church.


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