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Daniel, Paul and Thessalonica — 6 Comments

  1. It is surprisingly true of what is happening today, people now tend to trust and place hope on rulers than to tell it all to Jesus. I was really touched by the lesson.

  2. Hopefully all (leaders and members) who read this lesson will recognize it's more about God, his character and grace than our selfishness. We as a church need to repent and be humble, less about ourselves, more about him; then those who are watching in the wings will be drawn to Truth. The hardest thing for people searching and looking for change is trying to find a difference between the church and the world; sadly after a few visits we are revealed not Christ.

    The good part is as things wind down and circumstances make declaring our faith both difficult and dangerous, God will be revealed thru his people who were there all the time but were overshadowed by the people of self. In the end God still is and will always be The Great I Am!

  3. We have been learning about Paul's ministry and his struggles in delivering the message to the Thessalonians, through it all he never gave up. It is said that he PRAYED for them continually, he did this because he loved them as Christ did. He was so pleased when he returned to find them still being faithful and carrying on the mission of serving God and others, strengthening one another...can we take a page out of their book and carry on like they did...I pray we do. Yes, it is true we must evangelize and try to win souls,when we do...we should pray for the Spirit to keep them strong and protected, not deserting them, leaving them on their own, like a sheep without a shepherd. Lets pray that when Christ comes He will find us ready waiting and watching for His return.

  4. Being called by HIS name means we have to do His will. By following on Paul's footsteps of praying for each other; we invite the Holy Spirit to take over our actions thus we act as His own and not for self. Humbling ourselves is key while we seek his glory to shine upon us.

  5. I enjoyed the comment entitled "Daniel, Paul and Thessalonica". It has educated some of us, especially the history of the city.

    Thank you

  6. Stephen, I appreciate your remark that

    Little do we realize that by turning to the power of the civil authorities to support the power of the church to control its membership, we are proclaiming that we have no king but Caesar. We reject the idea of turning the matter over to God for resolution, and in so doing, we reject God as well.

    Any kind of compulsion, except the "compulsive power of love" is the tool of Satan and essentially joins us to Babylon, the earthly representation of the power of Satan.

    This does not just happen by appeal to law enforcement officials but also through implied threat of loss of employment, the threat of social isolation (as in shunning those who do not see things the way we do) and cutting those who disagree with us from the support to which they are entitled.

    It happens at the corporate church level and at the local church level.

    I couldn't help but think of the Seventh-day Adventists in Samoa who are worshiping on the local seventh day (Saturday) and on the same day that we are. They act like faithful members in all respects, still returning tithes to the local mission, but not worshiping on Sunday as directed. Ye they are treated as though they were non-members--without being formally disfellowshiped. They are denied the support of their pastors, and pastors from overseas who do visit them are deemed to be "disloyal." They are denied the use of church buildings and worship outdoors. And they are shunned by former brothers and sisters in the church. Is that not also a form of coercion--to attempt to force these faithful Seventh-day Adventist members to worship on Sunday? (See more information at the Sabbath Issues web site)

    It must make Jesus sad to see a branch of His corporate remnant church acting in a manner so unlike Him.


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