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  1. malachi 3 10
    just read this everyday even that im debt situation right now, i know 1 day in God's will and time i can pay my debt someday... pray and tithe and have faith.. happy new year and god bless to us all ..mabuhay from philippines

  2. I think we are not obliged to pay tithe and malachi verses doesn't imply to us as we are not Levi descendants hope the church should use another way to convince people to give for the purpose of gospel

    • Dear Edmond, I encourage you to read the post above and the comments that follow because your concerns are already addressed there.
      But I will say it again: We altogether miss the purpose of the tithe if we view it merely as an obligation. Rather, returning a tenth of our increase is an acknowledgement that God is our Creator and Redeemer and we, along with all we possess, belong to Him.
      I challenge you to read Mal 3:10-12 as an invitation to partner with God. For reinforcement you may read the comments above to see how God has blessed others who have thus partnered with Him.
      May God grant you the faith to take Him at His word so you may experience the blessings He has promised!

  3. Edmond is absolutely correct. The tithe sytem ended with the levite priesthood. Also the tithe was always crops and livestock, never money. Only those raising crops or livestock needed to tithe. Jews dont pay tithes todaybecause they know it was only for the levites working in the temple because they didnt recieve tribal land. Malachai does not apply today and it is talking about food not money


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