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  1. The hope of the Christian, my hope as well, is that our names would be found written in the book of life. The evidence of the new life in Christ, the lives changed because as Christians, the Word of God is spoken, empowered by the attending Spirit of God, because of the physical and spiritual evidence, the fruit if you will, from the branch attached to the vine, we would be thankful that our names would be found in the book of life but, not because of anything we did, save the decision to die to self, save the Cross of Calvary, but because God would be glorified and that His purpose, is the only purpose, that all would know Jesus because, He lives within us. My life and His influence through that life, is a testimony, is an example of victory and so is yours...

  2. Our main aim in this sinful world is to make it to heaven.just by trusting Jesus,obeying and loving God and He will give us power over demo
    ns and satan.i always pray for divine strength from Our Father.

    • Mrs. Boateng, I would like to encourage you to aim higher. Instead of aiming merely to "make it to heaven," aim to bring your friends and neighbors to heaven with you.

      Christ gives power for the specific purpose of proclaiming the gospel to those around us. If we are not doing the job He gave us, we don't need the power, and He won't give us any. And if we are not doing the job He gave us, it is very likely that we will not grow spiritually but shrivel up and die instead.

  3. I thank to the Lord for this clear lessons that unmask who is behind all our troubles and what negative influence he makes on us , special on children's and young: that are believers
    But for them is so difficult to realize that the power of darkness fill their mind with all sort of wrong thoughts so they suffer and can not understand that the evil is making all the negative fantasy.
    We need to pray every moment for those children who suffer a lot with those problems of lack of understanding about this sad reality, may our Jesus Christ to send upon all of His Spirit so we can identify our necessities.
    Esther From Puerto Rico.

  4. Indeed, this is true, many churches today have concentrated on casting out spirits to the effect that they have forgotten to preach repentance as th kingdom of God is come nigh unto us. Rev. 13:13-14

  5. IT is very important that as christians we not only strive for the power to do miracles , but we will strive for the power to over come sins, so that our names will be in Gods book of life.

  6. When we are in Christ we will know exactly when to exercise the power and preach the Gospel (repentance). They go together. It's not either or. We err when you do not appreciate this. Christ sent them to preach the gospel but He gave them the power over demons and evil spirit because when you preach the gospel you are at war. We need to claim the power that is ours in Christ Jesus. Brethren we need to know that those that are with us are more than those against us.....


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