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  1. Jennifer, thank you so much for a little bit of sonshine (not misspelled) in a dark corner. I must admit though that it took me a little time to see the connection between the one liner and Genesis. Now that I see that connection I think it is a very important philosophical gem. To me the single most important sentence, the apex of the article, is when you said, "This balance of power and affection makes God, God."

    Even though evolution does an immense amount of damage to our image of God I believe that often we are our own worse enemy. What we believe God is like not only greatly influences how we treat others but in our witness of Him we often give atheists reasons why evolution seems to be a better system of beliefs than Christianity.

    In my opinion, it seems that Christianity has misinterpreted a lot of the Bible and in doing so the image of God has greatly suffered, perhaps even more so than what has happened through evolution. I wish my church was not part of the problem - I wish I wasn't but I must admit that at times I am certainly not part of the solution either. My beliefs are what make me what I am. From what I can see what I believe is the "first crack out of the box." The first ten seconds of impression one gets of my God.

  2. David, thanks for your input. You clearly O.D. on end-time focus. I wonder if you have a little end-time post-traumatic stress syndrome. . . because for me studying prophecy and end time-type stuff reinforces my focus on Jesus. I don't feel the need to avoid those kinds of studies. But maybe some do need that. I'm curious about one line: " Over time we too became less involved with church activities until, we saw the “Total Onslaught” series, by WV." It sounds like you left the church and "Total Onslaught" brought you back in?

  3. Tyler that's a very interesting lesson to draw from my piece--that the first crack out of our box impresses others about God. Hummmmm. . . puts a measure of responsibility on us, doesn't it? Yet I believe God can use even our mistakes if we're willing to repent and return over and over and over. This is what I believe it means to endure to the end--endure our own mistakes and sins and keep coming back to Jesus believing He can save, and use, even us.

  4. Hi Jen,

    I am so happy to see your post. I thought the fire cracker out of the box was going to be Adam and Eve's response to God since it was a response like yours to do your own thing just like they wanted. Evolution didn't come in until much later than creation so if we look backwards, it was Darwin with the fire cracker and not God since God was the original. Great thought provoker.


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