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Friday: Further Study: Our Prophetic Message — 3 Comments

  1. Christ is everything. We may have an interesting study and prove our points straight from the Bible, but all Scripture testifies about Jesus. He is all through the Bible because He is the Beginning and Ending as well as the Author of everything in between! He is our Life and Hope!

  2. On point Ms Locke. We don't want to get the mule before the cart its about Jesus,and what He did for mankind. God's creation.

  3. The prophetic message of Noah, Elijah, and John the baptizer is the same borne by the Seventh Day Adventist church. It is a message of repentance and turning to Jehovah. It warns the rebel and reluctant and gives hope to the receptive and repentant. It may be as simple as leave falsehood and choose Truth. Jesus is the Truth in person. Every call, every warning, every message finds an anchor in Christ and the hope that Jesus is coming again!


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