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  1. I have to admit that this week's lesson study seemed a bit of a "grab-bag" of ideas that did not really gel with me. There is nothing wrong with the notion of God's call. And it is appropriate to discuss the time prophecies because, after all, they essentially begin in the Nehemiah-Ezra era. But the lesson just seemed lacking in a unifying idea - until this morning.

    Try this one for an idea. Christianity is essentially in ruins. For about 1500 years, Christianity has been replaced by the notion that if you line people up in church and threaten them with hellfire, they will fill the church coffers with money and that will finance bigger church buildings and give the church greater power. The whole Church power thing blew to bits with the rise of rational thinking and scientific measurement.

    And then Adventist pioneers hit on the idea that prophecy was meaningful and that the 1844 date was important. In their enthusiasm, they took a few wrong turns and had to backtrack a bit, but essentially they came up with the idea that it was time to preach the Gospel. In other words, it was time to rebuild Christianity.

    That, I think, is the great unifying theme of this week's study. That is God's call to us. We are called to be rebuilders. If you think about it, for 1500 years, Christianity has layed in ruins, usurped by power, politics, and greed. And the time has come to rebuild Christianity as a community of servants, loving one another. The issue for Seventh-day Adventists is that we may be tempted to boast that we have discovered this great idea, rather than getting on with the job of rebuilding. The Gospel is not about boasting that we are right. It is about rebuilding a relationship with Jesus that we can share with others. That is a call for Christian bricklayers and stonemasons!

  2. Very very important conclusion, Brother Maurice! IMO you allowed the Holy Spirit to impress you with the "bottom line", what's salient for us who want to know what our loving, longsuffering God wants from and for us!

  3. Task - All of us have a specific task to fulfill when one of us not willing to work with the body then the whole body suffers. The unbelief of the Israelites lead two believers to spend 40 years in the wilderness.
    Calling - Calling of God is given to each one of us to reach people in our mission field.
    Timing - When the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son because of his first coming, we know the world will come to an end because the promise rests upon God himself.
    Prophecy - God himself has made it trustworthy by the revelation of history exactly how he had predicted in His word.
    Election - God's election carries the responsibility of taking His message to the world. Not one patriarch in the bible lived less than the ideal of God's election in demonstrating His love to the world.
    Responsibility - As Christians we have the responsibility of spreading the sweet fragrance of Christ unto the world.

    Japanese Pastor Finds $30,000
    A short time later, a surprise appeared in the Sabbath School offering plate: an envelope containing 1 million yen ($10,000).
    Through such miracles, the church managed to raise the funds for the new water pipe – and for the equipment for the evangelistic meetings.
    Inside Story: https://ssnet.org/blog/inside-story-japan-2/

    Are you hesitant to step out in faith?
    Let the stories inspire us, lead us and transform us. Amen

  4. Please im really following the Sabbath school lesson
    Someone kindly add my number to any WhatsApp group for Sabbath school lesson.

  5. Hi i am Naomi Onchwari i have been following and reading the lesson and i can say i am really blessed.

    our life,our families, friends, relatives, neighbours and churches are in ruins, what have you done as an individual? God has called each one of us to build them are you ready?

    I have a question,
    1. can God force us so as he can use us? example jonah.
    2. Is it bad to accept many from pagan people to do God's word? example politicians
    3.why did the persian kings allow the isralites to rebuild the church/ city? were they gaining anything from there?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Naomi, Can god force us to do something? The answer is, God is omnipotent. He is in control of the universe and all that is in it. The question might better be, does God do what He chooses rather than a human being? God allows us to ask questions.

  6. The power of the Holy Ghost.
    Holy Spirit faithful guide ever near me to the end.

    The focus of the week to me was the calling of people to represent Christ in all they do. Each and everyone has a calling- from Adam to the last human being. Many ask themselves but what am I called to do? How do I know what I am doing, I was called to do that thing? What if, what I do does it matter? what if not? We might be called to be a Cook, then cook. Many will be led to Christ by your food.
    When we are walking with God and we are praying and trusting his words I believe we should do the
    mundane things that opens to us because it is God who is directing our lives.
    Different people are called to do different things but put all together the things give glory to God and show others about the love of God.
    We may not be the greatest men and women of the world e.g Moses, Enoch’s, Elijah’s, Noah’s, Mary’s etc etc (not limited to these) but we can do whatever he calls us to do. The Bible says whatsoever thy hands find to do, do it with all your mighty.
    I see the calling of God for humans as the human ‘body’. It has millions of different parts and function differently get put all together the body forms a whole. No cell or body part can say to another you’re not important to us so we will get rid of you.
    Our call will look different (as the building of the temple) but all called to do was important.
    So saying, those preaching job is more important than the cleaners. We all are called to represent Christ to a dying world living in sin.

  7. I am asking a question. Is the preaching more important than the cleaning? Many people if given the opportunity will choose the easy things of life despite that’s not their calling?

  8. A Christian Procrastination..

    Is God calling me? What is He calling me to do? But can I do that? I will think about it! How much time do I have cause I have to put some things in place first?

    "All of us have wondered if God is calling us, and what action that calling might involve. Surely, all of us have some kind of responsibility in spreading the gospel to those in our sphere of influence. But is there more for us to do?"

    "The church will not be nearly as effective without the contribution of every member." _Theresa Thompson_

    “Hundreds, yea, thousands, who have heard the message of salvation are still idlers in the market place, when they might be engaged in some line of active service. To these Christ is saying, “Why stand ye here all the day idle?” and He adds, “Go ye also into the vineyard.” Matthew 20:6, 7. Why is it that many more do not respond to the call? Is it because they think themselves excused in that they do not stand in the pulpit? Let them understand that there is a large work to be done outside the pulpit by thousands of consecrated lay members.
    Long has God waited for the spirit of service to take possession of the whole church so that everyone shall be working for Him according to his ability.”
    (The Acts of the Apostles, cp. 11, p. 110-111)

    "Surely, in the final days we are living and we are called to an important work that will lead to the establishment of New Jerusalem.. Have you answered the call? Why not do so today!

  9. Holy Spirit, please open the eyes of your people to see and heed your call.
    Very good post. It is said that only 33% people who return tithes and offering. I can be wrong but overall it is appropriate the same % who takes up positions in churches. Or those who does anything in church to ease the load off each other.
    We all have a calling to help each other, in so doing we are spreading the word of God.
    By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if ye have love one for another.


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