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Friday: Further Thought – Paul’s Pastoral Appeal — 3 Comments

  1. Christ being formed within us is the work of His Spirit who motivates us by the LOVE of God to produce thoughts and feelings that are the same as Jesus would think and feel. These are the basis for habit patterns which make up the Very Character of Christ in our minds and hearts. We, then, take on the duties of Christ on this Earth. We become His hands, feet, and mouth to perform the acts of God as His ambassadors in this earth.

    Jesus was our example in that He received the mind of His Father (our Father) via the work of the same Spirit when He was on this earth and ministered the works of His Father to the people then.

  2. If we are watching and don't see the Character of Christ forming in us we need to pray and ask for His Spirit to give us His thoughts and feelings. We should keep praying until we really mean what we say when we ask for His Spirit of Love to motivate our mind.


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