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  1. I'd say that "jews" here may also represent any form of religion or lifestyle that is chosen by a person, who follows it by tradition or comfort! Christ represents a change in all that we are set and sure! And this is not easily taken, sometimes. Jesus came to show to the world that what seems to be madness, irrational, and improbable may be the highest level of our mission! To die for friends, enemies and even to self because of love seems non-sense! Thank God that Jesus came to be the material example of God's great mercy to a self-destructive (by choice) created humanity! He made Himself low just to say in our own language that He is pure Love!

  2. Although there are Adventist beliefs that align with the orthodox Jewish faith, the Jewish psyche has been molded by its historical experiences, such as “Christian” pogroms and the Nazi Holocaust. These would be barriers to reaching those in the Jewish community because the Adventist community does not share a similar history, and (I think) has distanced itself from the Jewish community to avoid persecution. Similarly, I do not recall strong reactions from the Adventist community to anti-Semitic acts, possibly for fear of being identified with Jews. This begs the question of how one can develop a trusting relationship with a people group while not acting against the injustice they experience. I imagine the most effective means of forging a true relationship with the oppressed is to defend them.

    There is another aspect to this question which is raised by the Apostle Paul’s statement in Romans 9:13 (Malachi 1:2-3), “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated." How do Adventists relate to followers of Islam? There are elements of the Islamic faith that are coincident with Adventist practice, for example, abstention from tobacco and alcohol, and the consumption of unclean meats. But again, I think relationship comes down to what we do when someone is in trouble, specifically, when someone is trying to escape persecution and certain death by seeking refuge in another country. What do we do should be conditioned by what we would hope others would do for us in similar circumstances. I do not see this kind of response in the Adventist community. But I have seen concerns about Islam "taking over" in North America.

  3. In my hometown there is a Seventh Day Adventist Church that I believe has close to 200 members that were all orthodox jewish and accepted the Christian faith! Yes, God has been working with jews and all races! He is coming and will attract to Himself those who hear His call!


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