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  1. Loving Jesus means we are keeping the commandments, but it does not end there. we have to invite the creator to Change our hearts e.g, living style. To give us wisdom, always when we do wrong through him we will know we are wrong,
    we rectify the wrong deeds through the commandments

    • In my view to love the truth means to be committed to follow the truth no matter what. This is imperative in situations that might lead us to go against God.

  2. I have realised that my comment on parental duty being character development and not only behaviour modification is the same as the God's desire for us - to change our hearts and characters not only our behaviour.

    • Yes, Shirley, not only behavior but character. And yet, "...thoughts work out actions. Repeated actions form habits, and habits form character. Then in giving attention to the little things, there is no fear that the larger things will become stained and corrupted." (The Upward Look, page 89) At all levels, God would have us to be faithful.

      • Hi John, I agree character is developed by daily actions and thoughts and habits. True character development results in behaviour modification.
        The problem parents face is the same as we do in spiritual development. Do we want children who behave because we say so or do we want children who behave because they believe it is the right thing to do.

        One example from my childhood with two brothers. At times we would squabble and my mother would tell us "organise happiness", she didn't tell us do this or that or in this way, she gave us the goal - happiness and we had to figure out how to make it happen.

        I believe character development is not based on a list of rules but on a goal of a certain ideal.
        There is nothing wrong with a list of rules so long as we understand they are not the be all and end all but only steps to achieving the all encompassing ideal.

  3. Looking at life logically can be quite depressing, because after all is done, in the end we die and that’s it. But our faith in our lord Jesus Christ, gives us hope of an eternal life, which is something for us to look forward to. This is why a true believer in the word of God, lives their life sacrificing the perceived pleasures of this world, which in real terms and in the long run, are no pleasure at all. By Educating our children in like manner will help them to priorities what’s really important and that is to put God first in their lives.

    What a blessing it is to live according to God’s word where your main focus is on sharing the gospel message and allowing God to take care of everything else. Buy living for God you don’t waste time on how you can increase your wealth, or how you seek favour from others just to get up the corporate ladder. Protect your time for daily devotion, spend time with your family because that is the best training ground for testing your faith and how to live out your Christian life. If you can please God in how you interact with your family, you then can please God in how you witness to other, because it will be the real you that they see and not an imitation.

  4. Since being baptized many many years ago The Truth has always been synonymous with the Adventist Church. Yesterday I had an 'epiphany' which has changed my whole thinking. Yes - I believe that the Adventists have the True message, but the Truth is JESUS as set out in the following paragraph from the lesson "... Jesus is the Truth, teaching others to love truth is teaching them to love Jesus, and what else really matters?" I thank the Lord that He is still teaching me new things every day. Thanks to our Heavenly Father who still speaks through those who prepare the daily lessons.

  5. AMEN. Jesus is truth! When I stay connected to Him and choose to love Jesus everyday, truth is a part of my life, it comes into my being because Jesus is there. Truth is not abstract or different for separate individuals-it is Jesus!

  6. De Beers comment fits right in with Marcos comment, obedience becomes a joy, grace changes, when we ask. Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew a right spirit with in me. Psalms 51:10.


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