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  1. Most of the book of Proverbs is about getting true knowledge and the wisdom to be able to apply the knowledge to our lives.

    Let us apply this to intoxicating substances.
    We can see from current science and from our own observations the affect of intoxicating drinks on people.
    Just one example is the laws in most countries about the effect of these drinks on a person's ability to drive.
    Most of us have experienced or at least observed the effect of a few drinks where people talk and behave in a manner they would normally not do. It is clear that their frontal cortex has been affected - their ability to make rational decisions.
    There are many more examples of the effect of intoxicating drinks.

    Some will say that one or two drinks does not impair their abilities nor does it mean they are drunkards.
    My question would be if 1 or 2 drinks don't affect you, why do you drink them? Everyone knows that even one drink makes you feel different.

    Also we have clear statements in the Bible that a drunkard will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    So how does wisdom tell us to apply this knowledge?
    I believe the wise action is to avoid intoxicating drinks, because they do affect my mind and it is with my mind that I communicate with the LORD and it is with my mind that I control my life.

  2. Question 2 -In what ways can knowledge without wisdom be even more dangerous than a lack of knowledge without wisdom? What are some recent examples we can see of just how damaging knowledge without wisdom can be?

    I believe a recent example to this question is from an article I read on Adventist online website. (Ellen White Medical Evidence - Adventist Online)
    In this article the author talks about Ellen Whites visions and dreams were the result of her head injury when she was young.

  3. "I know it is dangerous and Daddy told a lot of bad things about it, but He never said something about taking just one. Oh, it can't be that bad!"

    Imagine your son/daughter wondering this about something you already told them not to do.

    Unfortunately, many Christians are seeking to live in that same way. Always on the edge, always trying to adapt the Bible or God's teachings for themselves, so that their own self can still be alive. Those are truly spiritual babies. Accepted Christ as a Saviour, but never made the choice of letting Him live in them, through the daily dead of their carnal nature. They are always listening, always reading, always talking, but never able to reach a knowledge of truth. The reason why? They know half-Scripture by heart, but weren't changed by Christ. Don't look at the Bible to find excuses for your sinful nature to flow ( if you want, you will). Why would we want to play with something so dangerous?

  4. Question 2 -In what ways can knowledge without wisdom be even more dangerous than a lack of knowledge without wisdom? What are some recent examples we can see of just how damaging knowledge without wisdom can be?

    What was the worthiness of the Pharisaical knowledge during Christ's period here on earth? Just made things worse, becoming more and more skeptical.

    'I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either cold or hot!
    Rev 3:15

    On God's sight, those who never heard about Him are in a better position than someone who's heart is nullified in his own way of seeing God's Word.

  5. I think it would be worthwhile to spend a little time and read 1 Cor 13 where love is lifted above knowledge and prophesy. Many years ago there was a scientist that said that he thought that just about everything we know could be exactly wrong. If that becomes true then what good is the knowledge we now have? Besides, it is well known that about 80% of the knowledge we get out of libraries is wrong which is rather discouraging.

    To me the knowledge of God as far as we can get it is probably of more value than any other knowledge we possess for in it we gain faith and hope and understand what love is. We can see though it how God designed His creation to work and how we can fit in.

  6. Nice topic and taught me a lot.
    God bless the writers for the well done good job with the help of the holy spirit.



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