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Friday: Further Thought – Mercy and Justice in the Old Testament: Part 2 — 9 Comments

  1. In response to Question #3, I think the following comments give some examples from our own history, where the balance [at least potentially] has not been right.

    "The Lord does not give us direction to erect buildings for the care of babies, ALTHOUGH THIS IS A GOOD WORK, BUT IT IS NOT THE WORK FOR THE PRESENT TIME. Let the world do all it will in this line. Our time and means must be invested in a different line of work. We are to carry the last message of mercy in the very best way to reach those in the churches who are hungering and praying for light." (EGW —Letter 232, 1899.)

    [In my opinion, the principle contained in this warning can be applied in other areas.]

    Also, in a letter to J.H. Kellogg, when he was focusing too much on the medical work :

    "The light came to me, clear and distinct, that the medical missionary work was absorbing too much, while a more definite work in special lines was being neglected, that you were gathering into your arms A CLASS OF WORK THAT IS NEVER ENDING, which was eclipsing the work that needs to be done in every city—the proclamation of the soon coming of Christ. The third angel’s message was being blanketed, and you were not altogether straight on these things."

    • Hi Stewart:

      Thank you for the quotations. They beautifully illustrate the principle that should undergird our approach to people everywhere---in the home, in the church and in the community. And that is as follows: Even as we minister to the temporal needs of our fellowmen, our ultimate goal is to convey to them the message of God's love.

    • Excellent points Stewart! Our mission is for sure the Three Angels Message! Christ in John 17 tells us that He came to bring Glory to our Father and that HIS mission is our mission! In Isaiah 61 and Luke 4 we also see the depth of that mission! Nowhere do I find we are called to "build houses" but to add to the LORD's house! WHEN a person is truly converted that conversion changes everything! The way they live etc! Homes, communities are THEN cleaned up to bring glory to God! We tend to put the cart before the horse!

    • Great questions! If we are putting the Lord first, then the Holy Spirit will be sent to guide us. We won't have to worry about things, as His will becomes accomplished. If we ask for wisdom, it will be revealed. Sometimes, we simply need to listen to others with experience. I don't think there's a one size fits all measurement, otherwise. Ask for grace and guidance, believing that Christ loves answering prayers for justice, mercy and humility. It's not always an expert mind needed (though there is mission for them, too), but a merciful heart and willing spirit to do what we are able. Perhaps, foremost, people need relief from suffering so they might be able to hear the Gospel message without distraction? God bless you, Brother!

      • The applications of how to care for the needy must be done in a way that is helpful as well as useful. No doubt The text in Mica 6:8 is very open ended in their application. Planning and preparation can not be replaced by a come what may attitude in order to accomplish what is intended. This is the reason for the question , how does one determine what a need is? For instance I have a dependable car to take me where I need to go. I think though I really need a more expensive car for any number of reasons. Obviously in my mind there is no reason to justify expenditures where help is not needed.

  2. Our ultimate goal and purpose should always be leading everyone we come in contact with to Jesus. God in his wisdom does place others in our path to give us an opportunity to shed that light. And what a privilege and a blessing to help the poor and needy, but what good would it do if we forget our main purpose. We should also keep that in mind and share HIS love and tell other what a wonderful Savior is Jesus our Lord. We plant the seed, the Holy Spirit does the rest.

    • We will all found out the answer to your question next week. I can hardly wait until tomorrow after church to start reading it.


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