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Friday: Further Thought – Retributive Punishment — 6 Comments

  1. It's not important for us to know the cause but it's more important for us to have compassion and offer help
    We're each other's brother and should help them not judge a person or withhold our service from them
    Jesus helped all who came to Him and He knew their stories fir He knew their hearts
    Let's err in well doing

  2. Even if ones condition is noticeably due to their bad judgement of the past; to execute judgement upon them rarely draws them to repentance. Our doing what is right and being as understandable as possible is their hope of repentance, just like Jesus did toward Peter during his denial & Judah's during his betrayal. Ellen White said she would not rebuke someone before she had prayed for them, sometimes all night, till she was willing to give up her place in heaven for them.

  3. some suffering comes as a result of the great controversy between Satan and Christ.but Jesus had won it at the cross thus the suffers too win.AMEN.

  4. Through out the exchange dialogues among the three friends, it highlights Job's opposite attitude toward his suffering. He manifest the character that only a man with good relationship with God can have. On human level his suffering was too great anyone could bear. But I see the mirror of our Lord Jesus through him. He was a man of patience and he trusted God deep down his heart. Just like Jesus trusted the Heavenly Father during His suffering on the cross.On the other hand, the three men were judgmental because they obviously didn't possess a close relationship with God.

  5. I think that we would do well to find out anything we might have done to cause our troubles and correct our ways. I believe God wants to help us in this. We can ask for the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts and feelings into the truth about ourselves and what we need to do about it. Sometimes friends like Jobs friends can be very helpful to us in our educational process of life.

    I think Job learned some things about life through his trouble even though he didn't do anything wrong to deserve it. We can learn these kinds of things too, even when we don't cause our own difficulty.


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