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  1. God has empowered the church, we shouldn't depend entirely on miracles, but we should base changing our lives by de holy spirit.

  2. Understanding the great controversy makes a huge difference in life. Knowing the good news of the Gospel impacts and transforms. I can know the players behind evil and Good, and I can grasp that love wins fully and completely. These truths give me home and empower me in my Christian walk. I do no have to fear any manefestations or signs and wonders because the Holy Spirit will teach me from the Bible if I humbly pray and study.

    Meanwhile, I need God if I ever share with someone else who wants to know the truth about miracles they experience. He can help me speak truth in love and draw them to the place of truth without fear so they will not be deceived. This experience with the clear picture of the controversy and Plan of Salvation is ccmprehensive and renewing, and I am so grateful!

  3. If God gave the gifts of the Spirit in abundance to believers who were not manifesting the fruit of the Spirit, the church would become the center of selfish exhibitionism.
    The above state is a warning to us all SDA members, we have become so much concern of self gratification inside church programme, when the disciple received the holy spirit they went out.

  4. One of the ideas that has kept me from falling into the "miracle" trap is that God is the God of the ordinary as well as the supernatural. There are times when God provides supernatural experiences but they are infrequent. Even in Biblical times they did not occur all that often. God often speaks to us in very ordinary ways - a still small voice, the wisdom of good friends, the opening of doors of opportunity, the trust of responsibility.
    We sometimes look for signs of God's presence/leading in the wrong place. Likewise evidence that we are working with the Holy Spirit need not be all that dramatic. We do not need to raise the dead, or heal broken limbs. Sometimes, just listening to someone, or offering an encouraging word is all that is needed. Providing God with the opportunities to do the "little" things in our circle of friends and associates should be one of the fruits of the Spirit.

  5. Hallo brethrens,am slightly outside your comments about fruits and gifts of the holy spirit,ofcourse we can perform miracles and whathaveyou,but then why did Jesus warn us in the bible that this is a wicked generation that requires miracles inorder to believe?did you know that the devil has power to perform mightier miracles that can deceive even the righteous?how can you distinguish between a miracle of the holy spirit and that of the evil spirit except from their fruits?God bless you all.

  6. There are only two ways and destinations. The narrow way leading to everlasting life and the broad way leading to destruction. The All Powerful God should have mercy on us all.


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