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Further Study: Joyous and Thankful — 5 Comments

  1. Once again, this study is so very timely and important to me. A new acquaintance of mine just told me it gave her so much joy to see someone actually living the faith!! And how it helped hers to grow and take her up from the despair and depression she'd been suffering from.

    Praise the LORD!

  2. God is working in many ways to save all of us, and it could be through myself, us or someone else. Be joy and thankful is an act of faith that we have as those who claimed to be Christians in action.

  3. What does it mean when Paul in verse 4 says we are chosen and then earlier in the bible (Joshua 24:15) we are told that the decision is ours?

    • The decision is your. But Jesus chosen us for salvation, because he did all for us to died in the cross.


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