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  1. As a church we are constantly being confronted with people who come up with new dates for final events, new charts, new conspiracy theories about this group or that. While we must remain open to new light, how should we deal with these challenges?

    • Hi JP, It's probably not quite correct to say that "as a church" we come up with new dates for final events and new conspiracy theories, etc. People within the church come up with this stuff, but this is not mainline Adventism.

      I believe those sorts of things are the devil's diversions to keep us from doing the job the Lord gave us--to lift up Christ as Creator and Redeemer in such a way that others will be drawn to Him. After all, the Three Angels' messages being with "the eternal gospel" and the call to "Fear God and give glory to Him." Without this foundation of the eternal gospel, the rest of the messages are meaningless.

      We won't have time for charts and conspiracy theories if we are busy doing what the Lord asks us to do.


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