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  1. The reason for delay is that HE wants you and me to repent. We must live a life that is GOD centred, we want evangeliving more than anything else.

  2. I am heartened by the promise that Christ will come and I am happy that he has not come as yet because it gives me time to put my house in order for his coming and it also gives me time to witness for him. He has not come as yet because there is a work for us to do and we have not finished that work as yet. Go Ye into all the world..... is his commission. Then will the Lord come.

  3. When Christians start to doubt Jesus’ second coming, they are behaving like someone who has eaten some plantains or rice or eddoes and feels he will never feel hungry again. Any person who eagerly waits for Christ’s second coming is an Adventist. Don’t you think so? Every bible Christian should eagerly wait for His eminent coming.

    The groom has gone to prepare for the bride’s coming. He went to prepare for the honeymoon and why can’t the bride be happy and patient? - John 14. Jesus came three times to earth: To create it as it is revealed in Genesis; then to redeem it Jesus as the lamb when Adam and Eve had sinned; thirdly to redeem man on Calvary. He is however expected another time. This fourth time will be when he comes to collect the saved ones but in this time His feet will not touch the ground. Paul brings out astounding evidence in 1 Corinthians:15:22. He noted that the dead in Christ rise first. We don’t need a theological mind to understand Paul here. Someone said that when we die our spirits travel very fast to heaven but Jesus will only come to get those lifeless bodies, take them to heaven to be given their earlier departed spirits and thereafter, they will come back to life. That isn’t true. If that were the case, Jesus wouldn’t have wasted His time to come again.

    In Mathew and Luke, Jesus made a nice prophecy concerning His second coming. People have waited. I remember as a young man in Y2K I couldn’t sleep since Jesus was coming. In 1993 during the gulf war, many said that was the time. When Saddam Hussein was attacked, many thought the same. By 1944, many thought Christ’s coming was eminent given the untold effects of the Second World War etc. Many people including earlier Adventists lost hope onetime in 1844 and it has always been when Believers start doubting that Jesus appears. Delay and forgetting are very significant to Christians or believers. No wonder, given its importance, God stresses of all the commandments that His followers should endeavor to remember to keep the Sabbath day holy.

    Let’s look at delay. Moses delayed at the mountain and immediately he was forgotten and the children of Israel made themselves a golden calf, Moses appeared. When the foolish virgins started slumbering, that is the time the bride arrived. In 1 Samuel 10:8 Samuel gives Saul instructions but lo and behold in Samuel 13:8 Saul felt Samuel had delayed. He felt he had waited for long and decided to take things in his own way, immediately after in Vs 10, Samuel arrived. What happened? Saul lost his kingdom. Can’t failure to wait make us also to lose our heavenly kingdom? The children of Israel who couldn’t wait for Moses, were judged and punished there by losing their lives. In the last days, delay will have to be experienced. Hebrews 10:37-39. Do you remember the scoffers of Peter’s time? Habakkuk 2:3 strengthens me. There is a time and that time will come brethren. To mosquitoes, ten years are very many but to a human being, 10 years are nothing. Likewise, if to God one day is equivalent to 1000 years, why should we complain. In God’s sight, since Jesus was crucified; it’s hardly three years. Imagine! The good news is that many of what he promised has already started happening. Have a blessed Sabbath.

  4. I like your comments; thanx for sharing. As Adventist, people waiting for the second coming of our Lord Jesus, we should be ready at any time, despite the delay we should put our trust in Him because he will never lie... And as our next lesson is evangelism I think we should do our part also thats of sharing the Gospel and the three Angel's messange...He is coming again and very soon... the Big question is; are we ready to meet him? How prepared are we? God bless and help us prepare.


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